Quite a Fun Leaf Trip with Teresa

Hello and welcome to the blog!  On Tuesday good friend Teresa and I took a whirlwind tour all over northeast Iowa’s most beautiful counties.  Of course, I brought her home safely but with her shoes soaking wet and her wanting to return to the trout streams…   But that was the plan.   We gathered some fish and a LOT of pictures.

Our course was a loop, kind of shaped like a lariat.  We headed to the Mississippi and followed the river road upstream to the Minnesota / Iowa / Wisconsin border.  Then we drove west a county, dropped down through Decorah, and headed back east, returning home with a limit of trout and a few souveniers.  Below there will be a bunch of pictures with captions.


Friend Teresa at Buck Creek. She loved this place and it’s serenity.


A pretty tree in Guttenberg, Iowa



The view from Pike’s Peak park near Marquette, Iowa


The Mississippi bridge in Lansing, Iowa



It took me a minute to get the pun!  This display was at a residence north of Lansing.



I call this shade tree mechanic the “Pumpkin Butt” He must have been the original “sagger”.  At first, Teresa and I both thought it was a real person till a second glance proved otherwise.


I love this city!   It’s a second home.



Decorah – Luther College on the left and the Upper Iowa flood levy in the foreground. Photo taken from Phelps Park

The trip did both of us a lot of good.  We had a great time and were able to see some gorgeous areas.  As much fun as it is to fish alone, it’s all the more enjoyable to share the experience with a good friend, especially the two-footed kind.

So what’s next?  The fall camping and trout stocking season is starting to wind down a bit.  Nonetheless I’m anxious to have some more outdoor fun.  Depending on the work schedule, there might be a little time to slip away to Delaware County and check out another trout stream that I never knew existed.  Jenny might come along this time as we explore a different creek and cook up some belly warming grub on a chilly fall night.

Thanks for visiting.  Safe and happy travels.

Brad, Jesse, and Jennifer