Starting to Stockpile Food

In anticipation of becoming a van trekker, I am beginning to stockpile groceries.  There are certain items that lend themselves well to a van dwelling lifestyle…

Try canned fish snacks like kippers, sardines, and even anchovies.  Due to the salt content and the canning process, these items can last a very long time.  They are tasty, too!  By today’s standards, many items are able to be kept in cans for two or three years.  I enjoy browsing and checking dates.  When I hit the road, I plan to have at least 20 cans of tuna, chicken, and other proteins.

Canned fruits are another long-lived canned item.  Once mobile, a person can get these readily from a free food program for the poor.  I would recommend loading up with store-bought, long dated items for an extended trip such as snow birding to Arizona but for day to day stuff that will get eaten quickly, you just can beat the food from a free program.

I hoard pop.  As a caffeine junky, I plan to always keep a case or two of diet Coke on hand.  The same goes for water.  I plan to store it at the bottom of a pantry cupboard and refrigerate it only when needed.

Since one or more cats will be coming with me, this has necessitated a pantry cupboard be installed.  I will carry cat litter.  Since Jesse (my cat) gets sick from dry, I plan to buy boxes of cat food moist pouches.  They have a very long shelf life.

It is easiest to start to accumulate things rather than come up with money during the move.  On my next post, I will list some of the things I plan to buy to take with me – items that are not food-related.

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