5 Day Cooler – Is it good for 5 days?

Recently a purchased a five day cooler from Walmart. It was relatively cheap.  I chose the 50 quart size.  Because I am a diet Coke addict, I tossed a couple of 12 packs of pop into the cooler and filled it with ice.  I stored it the back of the old Cavvie (Cavalier) that I drive.  The fall Iowa temperatures reached 60-65 each of the next five days.

Day 1 – Almost all the ice was left.
Day 2 – There was a fair amount of water but the pop stayed cold.
Day 3 – There was a majority of water but the soda pop was quite cold.
Day 4 – All ice was gone but the water was still cold.  The soda was drinkable.
Day 5 – The remaining water was not cold by any stretch but the soda was cool enough to drink.

I made some conclusions about using this 5 day cooler in lieu of a fridge for vandwelling.

1)  It might be better to freeze blocks of ice (in a gallon water container).  No water and no sloshing sounds.
2)  Since I have access at work to ice and a freezer, I will try rotating two frozen gallon jugs (one at a time) every 3 days to see if I can maintain refrigeration.
3)  I can fill the gallon jugs with filtered water for a delicious drink if needed.

This cooler works reasonably well for a vandweller who has access to ice on a regular basis. I can pull this off and always have cold drinks and food available.

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