Phases of Conversion

I have dreamed of vandwelling almost every day for the last nine months or so.  Tonight at work a man came in who I knew had lived in a van.  We talked about it at length and it seemed we had ever so much in common.  I know in my heart that things are moving in the right direction.  Now it is time to come up with a more concrete plan for the timing of things…

Phase I – Electrical system research (March 2011).  Buy AGM batteries, inverter, and charger.  Configure it all to work with CPAP machine in my bedroom.  If I bail out, I will always have one honking big battery backup system for power failures!  Quite useful!

Phase II – Buy a van.  Purchase a relatively new and gently used cargo van from a source as close to home as possible. (March 2011).

Phase III – Start conversion.  (Late March 2011) Install insulation and paneling.  Install roof vent.  Install bed. Take some short overnight trips. 

Phase IV – Finish van conversion.  (May 2011)  Take a lot of short trips for fishing, camping, etc.

Phase V – Sell my trailer home and move over to Dad’s house.  There I have an address and a place to use for a homebase (July 2011)

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