*** UPDATED *** Fantastic Brand Roof Vent Fan model 6600

As an important part of the van conversion project, a roof vent van was ordered.  There are a number of vents and fan combin,ations out there.  Particularly important to me were convenience and water protection.  If you spend quite a bit of time living or camping in a van, a lot of moisture will accumulate.  A person expels a great deal of water when breathing.  The water accumulates on the ceiling and either drips on you or turns into mold.  It is essential to keep air circulated to maintain a reasonable humidity level and air quality.

Keeping mother nature from dumping water in your dwelling is paramount.  If I am somewhere and the skies open up, I want a vent that will close itself if it is open.  Worse yet, can you imagine being in a building and not knowing your van is getting rained in?  The Fantastic 6600 will close itself at the first detection of a raindrop or two.

Convenience is also necessary though perhaps to a lesser degree.  I have some health issues including sleep apnea and my eyesight is crappy without glasses.  I don’t want to be in bed and then have to take off the CPAP mask and try to stand up (bonking the head on the ceiling) so I can poke and diddle some switches to adjust the vent fan.

The fan has more settings to fart around with as opposed to a TV where normally it’s just on, volume, and channel.  I really wanted a remote control.  It could be kept in a cradle by the bed.

Cost was a concern though.  Prices varied wildly for the same model but in general they were all a little higher than I was comfortable with.  And then…

I got on the Internet and found a close-out on a Fantastic 6600 roof vent fan on a clearance.  I got an incredible price and there was only one left.  Just a day ago there were ten.  I had resigned myself to getting a lesser fan so you can imagine the delight when I found the full featured model including a remote control and free shipping.

As I install it, there will be pictures and text to document the efforts.  I know cutting a hole in your roof sounds scary but it is not rocket science, folks.  What about sunroofs?  People install them every day and they don’t leak if you do it carefully.  A vent fan is much easier!

Update… on 04/14/2011 I installed the roof vent. It’s working perfectly and there is no sign of leakage.  The true test will come soon with the April rains.

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2 Responses to *** UPDATED *** Fantastic Brand Roof Vent Fan model 6600

  1. Nick D. says:

    Brad, I’d love to hear more about your install process. I’m about to install the same vent fan on my 2005 Express and I’m concerned about the ridges on the roof… both inside and outside.

    Could you please share some more details on the overall install process, and how you dealt with the internal and external ridges?


    • Brad says:

      Hi Nick and thanks for the comment. I can’t believe it’s been about two years since I installed the fan. It’s been great so far.

      I used two layers of the butyl putty tape. That works very well. I did have a small leak because the screws were not tight enough. After retorquing, I used a self leveling caulk to fill everything in on top and it’s worked fine since then.

      To deal with the ridges I measured the area I needed to cut out and centered everything. It fell such that left and right sides of the fan were on the ribs… the height was the same on both sides.

      Please post or just email me at Brad52317@aol.com if I can be of further help.

      – Brad