Insulating the doors…

To keep the weather and noise out, I have decided to insulate the walls and doors.  First come the doors.  They are easy!  I bought some rolls of fiberglass insulation (R4.7 or so) and stuffed all the doors full of them.  Then I covered each door with a thick plastic sheet to act as a moisture barrier.  Below is a picture of a door stuffed with insulation.  While driving, I did noticed that the noise was reduced by the sound deadening properties of the insulation.  Next will be the wall insulation.

In case you are wondering, messing around with the insulation sucks.  Use gloves and don’t breathe the fibers.  Sounds easy till you breathe in and wipe the sweat off your face at the same time. 

Rest assured you will be happy with the results of the insulation work when you are done.  The next step will be to cover the bottoms of the door panels either with plywood or a vinyl material.  The door in the picture in the back.  Note how easy it will be to cover them with something.   

I plan to leave the windows unblocked because they add a lot of light to the van.  One idea I have is to cut some wood panels (or plastic for that matter).  They would cover the inside perimeter of the window area.  (the portion of the doors below the windows would be covered in plywood.)  I could put handles on the wood and then by using velcro, cover the windows during resting periods for privacy reasons.  I had thought about a flip down hinged thingy but that’s a pain in the butt.  I like to keep it simple – the velcro window panels will work fine and should block out light (I can add more materials if all light is not blocked.)

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