More advice from lessons learned…

When I was lamenting about having struck out on my own instead of using the 1″ insulation, I was concerned with waste.  Any waste is wasted.  But I came up with some uses for the extra insulation I had purchased.

I need to cradle my CPAP machine.  It is necessary medical equipment and it is important to make sure it is handled gently.  I plan to build a small enclosure to cradle delicate equipment. The leftover 1.5″ Styrofoam will be used to protect if from harm.

Also, I have some crystal and other breakables that were Mom’s and I don’t want to get rid of them.  Van material scraps don’t just have to be re-used in the van.   Why not be creative?  I can use them for packaging purposes.

Today I am again sitting in my McOffice and getting the body up and running.  Yesterday afternoon I installed a trailer hitch in the Impala for light towing and for carrying a bicycle rack.  It was a mechanically simple task – no jack required.  In fact it was downright easy other than the hitch is as big as a small kitchen table and you have to hold the dang thing up while screwing the bolts into place.  Not bad though… Lots of fun doing it and knowing “I did it myself”.

Today I plan to take the van out for some pictures to post on the blog prior to doing the “ucky” insulation work.  I want to get a nice profile picture of it in a place that is pretty.  I thought about doing it by the old capitol building (gold dome) in Iowa City but then I thought someone might think I’m some kind of religious zealot parking the van in front of a political target… Not cool.  Might have to take it to Lake McBride or some other scenic place where I can get a pretty shot or two for the intro page… 

Have a splendid day.  if it’s isn’t starting that way, make it so!

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