More ways to hide a few imperfections…

I will admit I am not the best carpenter in the world.  Most people probably aren’t… But a few tricks will help fool people into thinking you really know your stuff…  Here are some ideas I have for making the van look nice but also hiding my flaws…

1)  Gaps in the foam for the subfloor…  I jammed extra pieces of foam insulation into crevices and duct taped it.  The flooring will cover it anyway!  Who is to see it?

2)  Gaps in the subfloor.  Well, once again my lack of prowess with things wood became evident when I had some gaps in the flooring.  My biggest priority was making the seams line up and they did.  Unfortunately, I had some parts of the floor that didn’t quite make it to the edge of the wall etc.  Again, this will be covered over.  I jammed some ugly wood pieces in the holes and duck taped them in.  Who cares?  It’s really important to keep stuff level though. Then we can let the laminate flooring hide the ugliness…

3)  Lumpy floors.  I had this a little bit and made sure to clean out any crumbs of insulation.  There was some residual warping from the OSB so I invested in some self tapping screws and secured the floor to the metal, particularly around the seams.

4)  Wheel well scrapes.  It’s hard to wrestle pieces of OBS around without scratching the wheel wells a little.  I bought some touch up spray paint and voila… Looks great.

5)  Weird corners and curves.  There are some really funky curves in van walls, particularly near the back.  No problem… On one side my bed will cover stuff and the other side the kitchen and vanity will cover the ugliness.  Where the jack is, I am going to build a cute little box and paint it.  Then I don’t have to fu** with the angles and stuff.  LOL.

I hope some of these ideas help.  Don’t fret if you make some parts look goofy and have to cover up stuff.  It happens to all of us… The difference is the trim…  The ugliest looking cake (please make mine chocolate) can look GORGEOUS with the right amount of frosting…   🙂

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