Raising the Ceiling

It was a long but fun day.  I focused on the ceiling of the van.  Here is a picture before it went into place.  You will see how the curved walls of the van do not meet the ceiling.  I’m going to build a long box or perhaps a cute cabinet for that stretch in order to marry the walls to the ceiling.  It will look so nice when done!

The roof insulation is 1″ pink styrofoam from Menards.  It is the same price as the yellow stuff but a lot harder to break off for some reason…  It will work the same way though.  All you do is measure  a straight cut and place… I taped it to secure it using duct tape.  Incidentally… DUCK TAPE brand is much better than the others.  It is as strong yet is easier to tear.

So after raising the insulation in to place, I put up the moisture barrier.  Deliberately cutting it in one piece and bigger than what was needed, I used the ass end of a Sharpie marker to stuff it into crevices near the roof.

After that, it was a matter of screwing some furring strips.  That part was straightforward and easy.  I alternated back and forth with 8 foot boards spanning the 10 foot length of the cargo bed.  Every other board went to one end or the other.  It worked out well to run a furring strip on each side of the Fan-tastic vent to help support its weight.  After all, the large span of roof is only flimsy sheet metal with the occasional metal rib.

The picture you see here is the front of the ceiling supported by sliding it into the headliner.  It’s going to work great and blend in with the cab of the van.  It was secured to the furring strips with a couple of screws for now.  When I get the to store tomorrow, I will buy some mean ugly staples to staple the ceiling in place.  All I have now a 3/8 inch and the paneling is 1/4 inch.  I hope some 5/8 inch staples will do thye job.  Some trim and the bulkhead wall will nicely finish it all off.

I have a little more work to do on the roof on Wednesday.  I am not happy how the hole lined up for the Fan-tastic vent fan.  I want to re-cut the plywood to have things line up more tightly so as not to have to rely on a lot of trip.  Next will come the flooring, bed and the kitchenette.

It’s all coming together quickly! 🙂   The walls and insulation will be the worst part of the job. 

If you are conveting a van, take your time doing it and it’s not so bad… Just don’t force yourself to do anything. Only work on it what you feel like it and you will relish the experience.  This might just be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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