Sew What????

Once again the Iowa weather is not being too cooperative.  It’s rained off and on the last few days and has hampered the work.  With the walls mostly in but still not complete, I cannot make much progress in a mini-monsoon.

Tonight I focused my efforts on the bed for the van.  Based on great advice from JoAnn Fabrics, I bought some material for the mattress cover of the bed.  The bed will be two layers of glued 2″ memory foam as well as a top and bottom layer of carpet pad… (Curtis Carper’s idea).  The cover will be sock-like and sewn on three sides.  I may do something with velcro down the remaining short side.  Looks like another trip to JoAnn for that.

Admittedly, I don’t know much about sewing.  I can crochet but I can’t sew jack sh**.  Fortunately, there is a small workshop in town where a person can learn to sew and can rent the use of a sewing machine.  Basically, I am sewing a giant sock.  It won’t be difficult to do.  Friday looks like it might be another crappy day so that would be a great time to put the mattress together.  I’ll be gluing the inside cushion together with contact cement and letting it air out the next couple of days. Please read the following caution!

Warning — Beware of squirrels like this one!!!

Just a word of caution… If you are letting anything with foam rubber sit outside, beware.  Critters (especially squirrels) love to destroy anything with foam rubber or stuffing.  It works well for them in their nests.  If you have to let your foam de-gas, due it in the van with the windows cracked but never do it outside for very long.  Squirrels destroyed my Martha Stewart cushioned deck chairs.  As you can see, one time this little buddy (“Rocky”) attacked my freshly-baked peanut butter cookies that were outside cooling,  Bastards, I guess it’s my fault for leaving something with peanut butter smells wafting through the air.

Here is a link to the cool little workshop for knitting, crocheting, and sewing.

Have fun and I will keep you posted on the progress.


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