Mattress is finished…

This dark greenish fabric (with a slightly blue component) came from JoAnne Fabrics.  I hope to buy enough more to make the dividing curtain(s) for the bulkhead wall.  Won’t that look nice with a matching bed mattress and curtain(s)?

It was easier assembling the mattress than sewing it.  First impression is that it is a winner.  See the brand new pillow?  Kohl’s department store keeps sending me these $10 coupons for free merchandise!  The pillow (Chaps brand) is exquisite and only cost me $1.26 after the coupon.  Wow!

The bed is 35 inches wide (I had to go a little wider than I wanted ’cause I am a big guy…  It is only 70 inches (5’10”) long.  (I am also 5’10” long).  No problem.  I do the face down, feet dangling thing anyway.  This should work just fine.

Lessons learned:

1)  Give yourself extra fabric.  If you want a certain size, add several extra width and length inches to compensate for mattress thickness.  You’ll be glad you did!  I had to cut things down a little because of that.

2)  Contact cement has an incredibly powerful odor.  I a chose to let my mattress gas in the house for a few hours and it was overpowering. Open all the windows!

3)  Memory foam is cool stuff but at the same time it’s kind of like trying to manage bathtub suds. It kinds of oozes and gets away from you a little bit.  It squishes kind of weird.  Don’t feel bad about trimming a lot.

4)  Carpet pad sucks to work with.  It tears easily. Handle it gently…

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3 Responses to Mattress is finished…

  1. texascom says:

    I’ve probably looked at every size and style of mattress/camping sleeping pad/cot there is online and am still up in the air. I’m also 5’10” and a regular twin mattress does me just fine at home, but the maximum length I have available behind my driver’s seat to the back of the van is 72″ with my driver seat in its current position, slightly reclined. I’d like about a 30″ width. Those “junior twin” type mattresses used in jails and prisons look like they’d be a good fit but I’m still contemplating. Whenever I do get a mattress, then it’s full speed ahead on 3/4″ plywood and building a frame with plenty of storage underneath. Wally World had some outdoor patio cushions that were thick and fairly firm and one long one and one short one exactly equaled what I need, but the striped colors were a bit wild.

  2. Bradford says:

    72 inches is a little tight but definitely doable. The only problem I had was that I am a big dude and had to go with a twin sized air mattress. It works fine – just had to narrow up the kitchen counter a little bit. There is still room to move and all is comfortable.

    The storage under the bed is great!

  3. texascom says:

    Here’s one site I’ve looked at for less than standard size mattresses. They sell mattresses for truckers and various sizes of hospital beds. Only problem with these is 74″ is too long and the next size down is 66″, which would leave my feet dangling a bit. Might be an option for me in the future and the prices are reasonable.