Progress on the Bulkhead Wall

Yesterday was a major victory in the van conversion effort.  Yesterday I made a bulkhead wall. 

Against the advice of some of the people I’d spoken with, I decided to use 2 x 4s…Hell, they cost about the same is a 2×2 or 2×3. 

I laid a 2×2 on the floor crossways and fastened it.  At the top of the van there were square holes in the structure that just invited the use of 2x2s.  I put one up there, too.  Then 2x4s were vertically placed (sideways) framing the wall by connecting the 2x2s together.  Because of the unconventional approach, it was hard to screw things down so I used a series of corner braces that will be invisible when the plywood is affixed.

The curve of the wall presented a problem on the drivers’s side.  Because the furthest vertical support was about 2.5 inches away from the side of the curved wall, I needed to fill the gap to have something to staple to.  It occurred to me that the plywood will hold everything captive so I simply slipped a 2×2 in the gap and fastened it side-by-side to the vertical support with a couple of 2″ deck screws.  It worked great.  Then I proceeded to insulate the wall using 1.5″ styrofoam.  That helped further quiet road noise!

Today the bulkhead wall will be finshed and pictures posted to show how it looks.  There is still a gap on the passenger side where the bulkhead ends and where the passenger area begins.  I will be creative in that area and likely glue some automotive carpet over it to cover all the sins.

Since it is Easter and I want the neighbors to sleep in, the bed will get some work done on it today.  I am gluing some memory foam pieces and carpet pad together to form the mattress.

Have a good one!

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