Facing a Garnishment! ** Updated with video **

Okay, I know that title got a few people’s attention…

** Just added this video of the Fan-tastic roof van opening up… It’s a little hard to see but I wanted to test out some video editing software and needed something to film…

When I bought the Fan-tastic fan, included was this cute little plastic garnish that is 4 and 1/2 inches thick… For the van it did not need to be anywhere near that thick.  The garnish goes in between the outside plastic flange (the thing that seals to the roof) and the wall of the fan enclosure.  Basically all it does is sit there and look pretty…. really pretty.

This was before the new paint and garnish…

Well, I busted the original one.  The new one came on Thursday.  This morning I measured so see how deep the garnish needed to penetrate into the space mentioned above.  I cut it down to 1 and 1/4 inches all the around using only the finest of tools… a frigging Ginsu knife… You know, the one that cuts through nails (at least on TV and the nails are aluminum)?

If I can give you one piece of advice, it is to not get in a hurry.  Measure what you need, score all the way around the plastic, and cut deep on all four corners of the garnish until you reach the scoring marks.  (To give yourself bendable tabs – you must have each side bendable independently).  If you are unable to easily bend and break the tabs, score/gouge/cut deeper.  It’s worth the extra effort.

I put one screw in it for now.  It looks so pretty.  🙂

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