A Current Event

Okay… Here it is…. We have current.  I got the batteries, inverter, and charger hooked up. 

Check out the seat mounting bolt that I used for ground.

I had this connection for each battery as well as grounds for the cases on the electronics.  Each positive source from the battery got its own 150 Amp fused circuit in case of emergency.  It took  a lot of work, but it is the safest thing to do.  I’m also going to lay rubber strips over the connectors and duct tape them down to prevent inadvertant contact with conducting objects… (ie a metal yardstick)

I had to make some of my own cables and found that rather than crimping on connectors, it was better to solder on lugs using a small hand-held torch.  Who wants a positive battery cable coming loose and flopping around?  It could really be dangerous!

I put the microwave in and tested it.  As predicted, it did not really like the modified sine signal but it worked okay.  The next test is the flat panel TV.  If it acts squirrely, I will buy a little teeny tiny pure sine inverter for the TV/DVD if need be but I am sure all will be okay.  We’ll find out soon.

Here is a picture of the microwave and a lamp.  Combined they draw a kilowatt (1000W).  The inverter had no trouble at all running it!

The inverter is sitting on the floor behind the microwave.  The inverter is going to reside in a cabinet that closes in all the area you see.  The charger is bolted to the back of the bulkhead.  It will also reside in the cabinet, safe and sound.   Of course, the microwave will be in the little kitchenette area.

There was a lot of work today, but it feels good to have a fully functional battery bank and inverter system! 

Tomorrow’s plan is to re-group and list the things that must now happen such as…

1)  Clean out the van (front and back) and organize the tools
2)  Finish trimming and painting living area.
3)  Lay the vinyl flooring strip
4) Plan the wardrobe cabinet and TV mounting.
5)  Design the bed/couch
6)  Design the kitchenette (with sink, stove, and microwave)

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