Worked on the bed today

Somebody else wanted to get comfortable today.  This is Kitty Doris also known as “DorDor” or “Door Knob”… She is my little adolescent.  Talk about looking comfortable.  This gave me the inspiration to work on the bed today.

The bed was a pain.  The grandiose idea of having a unit that converts to a couch just didn’t pan out.  Instead, I opted to make a built-like-a-battleship bed such as you see here.

Tomorrow I plan to open up the bottom end of it a little in the front (while putting braces underneath) and will put on a cupboard door in it to allow for storage.  The cupboard door will cover the area from my butt to my toes.  I plan to leave other end (under by head and back) open for easy access from the back doors of the van.  It will be closed in on the side from front to mid section.  I can throw jumper cables, extension cords, etc. in the back easily. The back left side could be sectioned off from the front right compartment.
The main reason for not hinging the lid was the crappy quality of warped plywood I bought at Menards (a discount lumber yard).  I had to fasten it down really tight rather than depend on it for a lid which, at best would be large, heavy, and warped.   It’s all good.  The bed is strong and square.  Tomorrow it will be finished and painted.  Not sure what color to do the bed in… I was thinking white but am leaning toward a woodish brown color… perhaps something that will work with the walls.

I tested the bed out.  No, it’s not as comfortabe as Doris is when she is stretched out on the couch but it works okay.

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