A New Sink

After reading the blogs of other van enthusiasts, I visited numerous retailers in the area looking for the best, deepest, sturdiest mixing bowl out there.  The Target store has a rugged mixing bowl with an awesome lip.  A bar drain was purchased at Lowes.  I cut the bottom of the bowl with a hole saw and then finished it up with a grinder bit placed in the chuck of the Craftsman drill. 

I have not yet finished off the end of the pipe, (or even the counter for that matter) but for now the bowl sits (loose) in its hole in the kitchen counter.  As you can see on the bottom I need to sand the underside of the counter a bit.  For now, I just wanted to put up some pictures so you can see the work.

Make sure and use plumber’s putty to seal up the sink.

Good luck!

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4 Responses to A New Sink

  1. texascom says:

    I really like that. I saw a stainless bowl used in another blog, maybe the same one you refer to. I think this is the best and most economical way to have a sink since even a single basin RV sink is way too overpriced. Heck, I might even go extra cheap and use a white plastic bowl. That and a hand pump faucet is all I’ll ever need.

  2. Bradford says:

    Thanks for the note. I saw in two other blogs that people used mixing bowls. One was Curtis’ Carper’s page… http://www.stealthvandweller.com . I’ve gleaned a lot of good ideas from his website.

    I like the idea of the hand pump and sink and white plastic bowl. Not sure I’ll get that far though. I plan just to use my sink for a quick wash-up and for tooth brushing. For now (since opting to make a 12″ counter top (bed space was at a premium), I’m going to use use water bottles with nipples for a way to dispense the water. A hand pump would be cool though!

  3. texascom says:

    Yes, I think it was Curtis’s page I first saw the bowl sink idea. Pretty much any bowl will do as long as it’s wide enough for your needs and has a good lip. Regarding plastic bowls, which run about $2 at dollar stores, they can even be had in various colors like red, white and blue. A little work cutting the drain hole saves a lot of money that can go for other things.

  4. Bradford says:

    Great point. The nice thing about plastic bowls is that the bottom is so much easier to cut. It was a bit&& doing the metal bowl. I like the idea of fun and exciting colors!