Cool little camping stove by Gasone

After visiting what is touted as “The World’s Largest Truckstop” in Walcott, Iowa, I became fascinated with these cute little butane stoves.  They are reviewed very differently from model to model, but all look almost identical and are made in China.  These little stoves run off of what look like the old hairspray or deodorant cans we all remember from many years ago.  The cans are different; they are filled with butane.  I know that sounds scary but I feel this unit is pretty safe.  Don’t throw the cans in the campfire and you will be fine.  After reading may reviews, it seemed this unit was safe and a good deal for the money.  I bought a mini stove and case of fuel canisters and was quite pleased.

I keep the butane canister disengaged unless cooking (which I do outside).  That would be analogous to unhooking the propane tank from the barbecue grill for safety reasons.  The canister pops in and locks tight in seconds.  The ignition has worked perfectly so far.  Still, you should keep matches or a lighter handy…

Talk about heat… The burner runs quite hot – as hot or hotter than your kitchen stove!  I fried some burgers in a small skillet and they turned out great.  Equally impressive was a “skillet breakfast” containing potatoes, eggs, leftover steak, veggies, and cheese.  All I needed was a little margarine or non-stick spray.  I have cleaned the stove once already – just use soapy water and it takes only seconds.  I was delighted because I would rather rely on the stove than the battery zapping microwave.

Canister life is healthy – I am sure it’s probably a couple of hours per bottle.  I keep a few extra canisters in the van just in case.  The fuel canisters are also dirt cheap – like $1.50 or so.  Order a case… It’s cheaper that way.

The Gasone model of cooker was only $18.15 or so on  Of everything needed for the van, I have to say this was probably the best investment of them all.  It also comes with a cute little case which is cheap plastic but it works fine.  Try the Gasone model… Some of the others are very poorly rated.

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