Cute Little "UFO" Overhead Light – Cheap but Powerful

Taken from outside with flash
Both rings lit, looking from dark outside, no flash

I added a “UFO light” today,  For some time, a circular LED multipurpose light has been calling to me every time I pass by it at the local farm store.  It resembles a light for a patio type umbrella .  The little lamp runs about $10.  It is battery powered, and has a boatload of LEDs – 48 to be exact.  That rivals even the best bar light you will find for much more money. 

The back has just one mounting hole/slot for a screw (about a #6 or so).  That seems cheap but would work for horizontal mounting.  There are also two strong magnets on the backside as well.  What I did was to mount a screw for the slot and also two more flathead screws (#10 x 3/4 phillips) for the magnets to cling to.  The result is quite strong.  You just slide the lamp’s hole over the screw and push back so the screw (in your ceiling) goes further back into the slot.  Then the strong magnets in the light grab the other two stationary screws and you’re locked into place.  Cool stuff!

Equally impressive is the light distribution.  Granted, it’s LED so it’s a bit directional but the circular pattern does help illuminate the area.  The push button switch will light the outer ring of LEDs, the inner ring, or both at the same time. For this picture, I only have the outer ring lit. 

Once mounted, all you have to do is give a little twist of the case for battery access.  If you are a little judicious, the batteries should last a decent amount of time.  I am so impressed with this little light that I plan to buy another one for the ceiling near the bulkhead and entry way.  It would be better over the entryway, but I’m OCD about symmetry so it’s got to be centered.  Of course, a third light might be handy, too….

Two fixtures should be sufficient though.

For $10, I would like to know if you can get more than this for your money?  Even a 30 LED trouble light is about $30 any more.

Just as a note, these lights are cheap imported crap.  For those who use batteries, you know that the coil spring in the fixture is for the (-) side and the positive (+) is a flat place for the little battery cap.  The battery diagrams in the molded plastic are backwards.  Also, the magnets on the back of the case both came out almost immediately.  You will want to superglue them in right away – do it before mounting. 

The little LED fixture was purchased at Theisens Farm and Home store for $9.99.  The same darn thing is $16.99 on Amazon as of a few minutes ago.  That clinches it.  I’m getting one more tomorrow.  How can you go wrong not to mention beating the Internet price, too!

Another bit of food for thought… I also have a camping lantern (in the step area) and a rechargeable trouble light (next to the bed).  You can never have too many portable battery-operated light sources. 

Have fun.

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2 Responses to Cute Little "UFO" Overhead Light – Cheap but Powerful

  1. Randy says:

    I was going to say that Walmart sold those for $6.88 but they only have 24 LEDs.

  2. Bradford says:

    I just put up a second and man, with 96 LEDs it looks like daylight in here. Definitely a good investment.