A #1 Priority….

As any diabetic will tell you, if the blood sugars are not in check, you have to go to the bathroom a lot – like 4 or more times per night.  This is a pain in the butt for a van camper or van dweller.  Without a high top roof, you can hit your head on the ceiling or worse yet, end up peeing on yourself or your belongings.  Sorry – that’s not a pretty thing to envision.  I needed a solution to the bathroom problem… Here is something that I decided to try… I homemade urinal.

Since I have kitties, it was no problem finding a plastic cat litter jug.  The funnel and tube is all one solid piece and was purchased at the Menard’s store (home improvement store) for a mere $2.99.  I punched a hole in the lid of the cat litter jug and forced the hose down it.  The hose gets wider as you go. It’s a tight fit.  The next step is to seal it a little bit.  You can unscrew the lid and the funnel together for cleaning purposes.  I figured I can buy a urinal deodorizer brick to keep the smell down.  It might also work just to put a “shower cap” style bowl cover over the funnel.

I am hoping this will help with the #1 problem.  I can use it by the bed or stand up and tinkle. For now it’s strapped along with the 2 day cooler, just in front of the battery charger.  I like the fact that it can be moved around as needed.  Hopefully the funnel is deep enough that it should help any splashing problems. Just a thought…   Another possibility is to have a second cap and bottle to use for transporting the liquid.

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