Wi-fi Antenna Suggestion

For those using a wi-fi booster antenna, I am sure you will agree that they are worth their weight.  I learned about these amplified reception systems by the Stealth Van Dweller website.  Though I love the antenna system, there was one problem… I didn’t have a magnetic mount for it.  I kept using double stick tape and it would fall, often in the middle of a critical download such as a Bee Gees FLV video or while posting to the blog.

This morning I was maneuvering the antenna around thinking about how I wished I had a magnetic antenna mount.  Then it dawned on me there was an extra package of those super magnets I wrote about in a previous posting.

I put a little super glue on each magnet and glued two onto the base of the RealTek wi-fi booster.  Now I can stick it anywhere in the van and take it down with ease.  Two magnets seem to be sufficient.  I keep the base parked in the door frame of the driver’s door just behind the window blackout curtain.  In that corner resides the antenna cable, the netbook charger, and a monitor cable to patch the netbook into the TV.  No fumbling is needed and, since I prefer to use the computer while in bed, it makes life easier.  It is also easy and safe to shut the pc off, plug in the charger, and cover the computer with a light blanket.

As I write this post, without the booster the McDonald’s wi-fi signal is 2 bars.  With the booster plugged in, it’s full strength.  Awesome stuff!

Have fun.

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