Golden Kiwi and Black Plums – A Clue to an Answer?

That’s kind of an unusual title but I wanted to share with you a new discovery:  golden kiwi.  It came on the heels of reading an E-book on the newly aquired Kindle… For those of you who don’t have an e-book reader, I would say that it is almost a necessity.  Nothing will keep you company like a good book. A television can entertain but not to the degree of a relaxing read.  It does not take much van space and it’s rechargeable.

I just finished reading an E-book by Jason Odom about the topic of Vanaboding.  It was enjoyable and captivating and meant to educate a person on how to make a van a home for one or two people.  There are great tips for how to save money such as gathering condiments from restaurants, extra shampoo from hotels, etc. for those who have some degree of moxy.  There are other tips that I found very helpful in many other areas.  The book offers a comprehensive set of guidelines for all aspects of van living.  One part piqued my interest.

Jason and his wife eat a lot of fresh/raw foods.  I decided to give this a try since nearby we have several fresh/organic foods stores.  Last night I visited a conventional store and purchased a black plum, a couple of golden kiwi fruits, a bag of petite (smaller than baby carrots), and some hummus.  Everything was delicious.

This morning I woke up in my house bed (the trailer is going to go away on the 1st of the month but I’m still in it for now).  Breakfast was two yellow kiwi fruits (they are more mild than a green kiwi) and a black plum.  The fruits tasted well – exquisite, actually – and were quite satisfying.  They were also cheap… Combined cost was $1.44.  I had also snacked on some of the baby carrots and hummus overnight making the snack costs about $1.50.  The snack was cheaper, tastier, and healthier than a can of Pringles!  I became aware that the fresh, raw produce solves some problems and offers some hope for the future.

I am an insulin-dependent diabetic.  I’m not just a little diabetic – I have it pretty bad… You know, the peeing 8 times a night, the stabbing neuropathic pains, insulin resistance, etc.  I’ve been unable (or unwilling) to do much about it until now.  Diabetic friends are dying at my age and I’ve been playing Russian roulette.  I’m hoping to try integrating more fruit and veggies and reduce sugars, etc.

Up until this point, I made a lot of excuses for not eating many fruits… They are too hard to keep fresh.  Apple peelings get between the teeth or irritate the gums.  Peeling fruit is too much work. Natural sugar could raise the blood sugar.  The list goes on.  All of these points were excuses.  One or two servings of fruit will not hurt the blood sugar – not as bad as McDonald’s pancakes and hashbrowns (which have virtually nothing helpful in them).  Fruit is easy to keep fresh if you keep buying in fresh (every two or three days).  It’s not a lot of work to clean.  As far as the apple peelings, it’s not that bad.  All of the excuses I could think of had no merit!  I was being lazy.

This morning I went to the local fresh food store and had a bowl of their Tuscan Tomato Soup.  It has a rustic, hearty flavor.  Combined with a crust of bread, it made a wonderful lunch.  I realized that this is what I should do more often as a van camper and someday van dweller.  Then it struck me… This desire is not because I like to sleep in a van but it is from an interest developed from camping in the Trekker Van and adopting a more simple lifestyle. 

I like to think of myself as a budding vandweller but a minimalist or middle-aged hippie might be more accurate. Less is more, so to speak. Returning to healthy foods is also a sort of minimalism, too.  Vandwelling or vancamping is a wonderful, liberating lifestyle, but it is only part of the equation; it is a taste of freedom.  Getting rid of unneeded clutter and possessions and eating healthier expands on that freedom and further fuels the soul.  It creates a gentle momentum that sweeps a person into a zone of contentment and fulfillment.  You wish to be liberated from everything that entraps you:  food, debt, possessions, disease, etc.

To continue this evolution toward healthier eating, the plan is to continue consume more fruits and veggies this week and monitor the blood sugars.  Getting things back into check is needed and needed soon or the next posting could be my obit (like Kevin, Fred, and my other dead diabetic friends).  Their deaths were premature and tragic.  I want mine to be from old age while living a liberated lifestyle.

The lesson learned to day is that freedom is more than just living in a vehicle.  It represents the happiness and security of peacefully releasing ourselves from those things that might enslave us and destroy our minds and bodies, all in the name of having more, more, more.  Our freedom is a fantastic, incredible gift from God and our veterans.  We have the power to earn a living, feed ourselves delicious and wholesome foods, and control many aspects of our lives.  The beauty in that is just now becoming apparent.  That reminder today started with two yellow kiwis and a black plum. 

Have a wonderful day and enjoy it to the fullest.

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