A New Carbon Monoxide Detector

I had a small problem with the old carbon monoxide detector… My sister had kindly given me one that runs off house power for use when livning at the trailer house.  I was lazy and just plugged it in to 110 volts straight off the inverter in the van.  It was quick, easy to plug in and stupid on my part.  In an effort to conserve battery power, I have been shutting off the inverter at night when going to bed.  The protection was unpowered at night – the only time the propane heater has been run.  I had to laugh at that stroke of brilliance. 

Yesterday I was at Kmart and saw this basic battery powered carbon monoxide detector for about $20.  It uses a couple of AA batteries.  The First Alert detector is very small; there is not much size difference between it and a deck of playing cards.  There are two little hanging holes that will work perfectly to put it up and out of the way.  One note – make sure and mount the unit away from swirling air such as a fan or the roof vent because the air currents can interfere with detection.  I’m going to put mine near the front of the bed where it is protected from excessive air movement. 

Just a note…This little device only detects CO gases.  You might want to invest in one that is a smoke detector or a combo.  For now, at least there is some protection.   I plan to install a battery operated smoke detector in a front location near the batteries and inverter. 

Have fun.

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