A Molecular Transporter Would Be Helpful

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First attempt at a “Beaming Video”… It needs a little tweaking but it’s a start…

I had to share this with you folks… I’m a die-hard Trekker (they used to call us “Trekkies”).  For a long time I’ve wanted to “transport” like they do on Star Trek.  It’s really quite easy – you just need about $600 bucks worth of software and a few days of migraines and voila!  Better yet, you can just do a trial on Sony Vegas Pro software and if you can pull it off in under 30 days, it’s all free under the “trial” arrangement.

I have other videos in the works.  One involves me  “beaming” (yes, in the tie-dyed shirt) in a seated position from a park bench and “materializing” in a porta potty.  Now that the learning curve is behind me, it should be a little quicker and easier.  Most of the hard work is the placing of the light “beam” so you don’t see me fade in and out.  It’s hard to hide a big guy…

My Dad just rolled his eyes when he saw this video.  Last night he was trying to sleep and I was in the house on the 64 bit machine playing the “transporter” sound over and over and over for most of the night.  No problem… A night of sleep for ten seconds of video is a fair trade-off, isn’t it?

Sadly, this is just a little video trickery.  A real “transporter” would be invaluable to a van dweller.  Someone knocks and you just beam out…  Then again, if we had that kind of technology, there wouldn’t be vans… Living in a shuttlecraft would be nice though.

Have fun.


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