New Additions to the Van – A Bulkhead Door & Signs

The New Bulkhead Door
First of all, please excuse the poor camera angle.  The door is square but the camera angle is a little funky and makes the door appear narrow at the bottom.
Yesterday I added this door to the existing opening on the bulkhead wall.  The doorway was 19.5″ x 48″, built that way in case I wanted to add a door.  I was shooting for 20″ but nobody is perfect.  I bought a 1″ x 20″ x 48″  board at Menards and cut a little off the side.  It was the intention to leave just a small gap to allow for a minimum of air intake.  That goal was achieved.  I painted the door at 35 degrees F, the minimum temp recommended for Pittsburgh Paints.  The four or so coats of Camel colored paint dried very quickly.  A window sized lock was added to secure the door, but only from the inside of the passenger compartment.  With the door closed, I can decorate the space and it looks more “room like”.
At the top of the door is a brass-colored coat and hat hook for the beloved old zippered “hoodie”.  The double hook is helpful because I now hang a hat.  I use a ball cap with an attached 5 LED light.  The light is invaluable in and under the van but without a home, the hat was was always misplaced.  Now the coat and cap can be stowed neatly.
The garland and snowman cost $2.14 including tax at the dollar store.  With the red and green chili pepper and cactus lights above the bed, Christmas is covered.
One last little acquisition today… I added two magnet signs to the side door that houses the TV antenna when not in use.  Each sign was $1.99 at K-Mart.  Alone they are cute but together they tell a story – look below “My Way”…  The arrow going the same direction points to “Cocktails”… That much is true…
Yes, there are cocktails in the van most of the time. I carry a few wine coolers, some Mike’s hard fruit punch, and a bit of Tequila Rose. The favorite is the Hpnotic. (prounced “hypnotic”, an ocean blue colored mixture of tropical juices, vodka, and Cognac). For all the Star Trekkers, Hpnotic looks like a light adaptation of Romulan Ale.    Unlike Romulan Ale, Hpnotic is legal in the Federation.  It likely has about the same kick when consumed to excess…

Have a good one and thanks for reading!


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