The Great Outdoors… and Asthma!

The PulmoNeb Nebulizer – Very Convenient and Compact

This year has been pretty decent for asthma, possibly due to dry weather conditions.  Normally autumn is the worst allergy/asthma season with spring running a close second.  So far this fall I’ve only had to use the rescue inhaler a few times… It’s not always the most effective, either.  Some sort of better contingency plan for the lungs/first aid was needed.

A perfect solution was found at a local religious thrift store today.  Waiting for a good home was a gently used nebulizer sitting in a box.   I prefer nebulizers because even though a rescue asthma inhaler sometimes works (depending on the amount of mucous on the lungs) a nebulizer usually works better; the medicine in the fine mist is inhaled deeper, over and over.  An inhaler just sprays the medicine into the throat and hopefully the lungs.  It might not be absorbed as well. 

The good news is that the model I found today doesn’t use any hoses… The breathing mouthpiece just fits onto the machine.  Less parts is a good thing.  The new model is a Devilbiss Pulmoneb – a modestly priced travel nebulizer.  It was only $5 at the thrift store and came with the manual and disc.  I was informed that often these types of gadgets are donated from estates.  It’s a kind gesture.  

For other medical needs, I also have a small soft-side bag used as a medicine kit.  It contains insulin, pills, syringes, ibuprofin, an ice pack, etc. that rides along on each van trip.  Now it’s just a matter of adding some unit doses of albuterol for the nebulizer.  This afternoon I am going to throw in some band-aids, antibiotic cream, burn spray, rubbing alcohol, and a little gauze to complete the first aid kit.  At least now most of the minor medical problems can be handled.
In retrospect, I wish I had addressed first aid needs better before starting to camp.  No harm was done other than a couple of burns and some chigger bites.  Please be careful and treat first aid as one of your first camping priorities.

Have a fun day!


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