New Year’s Goals for Improving the Van and Driver


Technically, this post was a little premature.  It was uploaded before the new year celebration but that doesn’t matter.  Every day of the year is a perfect time to take care of ourselves and celebrate life.  It doesn’t have to correspond to a solar event.

I think most resolutions fail because we only really think about them once a year.  How strange!  Such important blueprints are often made based on when this planet completes another orbit around its yellow star.  That seems like a silly reason to do anything, let alone make important decisions about one’s life! 

While relaxing/meditating today, I realized that a celebration and follow-up on resolutions would be in order every week rather than trying to renew them after most of a year’s neglect.  During the weekly reviews there won’t be any balls dropping or champagne glasses tipping, but a little personal time will be set aside each Friday to consider how the whole program is going and relish successes!

Today seemed like a good day to set realistic goals to work on this next year, similar to how the van conversion was planned out in 2011.  This time it isn’t just the van that needs conversion – it’s necessary to do slow but steady repair work on the driver. 

Here are a couple sets of resolutions for 2012.  It would be a great year if all of them could be completed.  It’s certainly doable!

Personal goals: 

  • Get the blood sugar down to normal levels and maintain it.  
  • Shed a reasonable amount of weight – fifty to seventy-five pounds in 2012.
  • Exercise regularly, at least four times a week.
  • Get a job and work a relaxed 20-25 hours per week to start.
  • This is the toughest… Cut back on the amount of Diet Coke consumed.

Van Project Goals:

  • Add a solar array to the Trekker Van.  This goal is underway. 
  • Install a trailer hitch receiver and hitch-mounted rack on the back of the van.
  • Purchase a Yamaha or Honda ultra quiet generator (2000 watts)
  • Remove the passenger seat in the van and build a  vertical L-shaped wardrobe/storage chest. 
  • Come up with an air conditioner for the summer.

Rewards for weight reduction: 

  • 15 pounds shed – A new DVD movie for the album in the van
  • 25 pounds shed – Two magnetic signs for the van (for stealth mode)
  • 50 pounds shed – A three day camping/fishing trip to Clear Lake, Iowa.
  • 75 pounds shed – A new pillow top twin mattress for the van

These rewards were kind of difficult to think of!  In the past, incentives were usually about food or more possessions.  I’m trying to reduce both.  .

The plan is to add a simple integer somewhere on the blog to document how the weight reduction is going.  That should make it fun and add a little incentive to keep some momentum.

Have a Happy New Year in 2012!  Set some goals!  Thanks for reading!


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