Tax Refund = New Generator

Honda EU2000I – On Sale for $998.00
It really does pay to shop around.  I’ve been looking at generators for the last six months.  Today I took the plunge and bought a brand I’d almost crossed off the list due to the cost…  Then a deal came along that was almost too good to be true.  Better yet, the tax refund is a whopper this year so the purchase cost will be covered in a couple weeks.  *smile*
After researching generators based on fuel economy, features, noise, reliability, capacity, user reviews, warranty, and cost, one brand stood above the others in most of the categories.  That was the Honda.  It was the one I really wished for – sort of a we* dream, if you get my drift.  The Yamaha came in a close second.  Many of the other lower cost units often left other buyers saying “you get what you pay for.”  I took those reviews to heart.  Most of the references to Honda mentioned that the EU2000i is around about $1200 or so.   I had settled on the Yamaha 2000 watt (more like 1600 watts continuous load) model pretty much just due to cost.  The features and other considerations were pretty comparable.
One side note …I can say this being in Iowa.  In one way, choosing a generator is like the dang Iowa presidential caucuses.  You might have a decent pool of candidates but there is something I liked and  didn’t like about each one…  Everyone you talk to also has a different opinion to some degree.  It’s ultimately your vote.
Today I was surfing and had decided that soon I would order the Yamaha.  It was pretty close to the Honda for user reviews but less costly.  On Amazon, the Yamaha (no tax, free shipping) would have been $989.10.  The Honda retailed for $1149.00 with all the listed dealers around here selling for that price with one exception.  City Tractor in North Liberty (where I used to live) is selling the Honda for $998.00.  I immediately went there.
The salesman was an old customer from when I was the night supervisor in a gas station.  He remembered me and we chatted a bit.  I tried out the generator, asked a bunch of questions, and bought it.  Sure, the tax refund isn’t here yet, but I had to jump on this price… What’s a couple weeks difference?  🙂
The long and the short of it is that I am delighted with the quiet generator.  It was reassuring to try it and buy it locally from an ethical business where I would be happy do business again.   I think this will add a of flexibility, fun, and comfort to the camping in 2012.
Have fun and thanks for visiting!

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4 Responses to Tax Refund = New Generator

  1. Wanderoke says:

    congrats! that’s a great purchase!

  2. Pleinguy says:

    Great buy Brad! I suspect you may have been able to get by with the 1000i unit though. I’m sure the genny will meet all your needs.

  3. Bradford says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    I did consider the 1000i but I’ve got some power hogs on board. The toaster oven takes 1200 out of 1600 available watts. The microwave also draws about 900 watts (roughly 1.5 times the cooking power). The 1000i might have done it but I would worry about pushing it too hard.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations! You will love it. I had the 1000i and always wished I had the 2000 and not that much more expensive.