An Awesome Home Remedy for an Outdoor Rash

Bananas are healthy and can make you feel good on the outside, too!
I was doing some reading about this itching and rash that had intensified the last few days.  Though I’m on antibiotics, the itching and burning from the dermatitis was keeping me awake. Surely, there had to be be some kind of a topical remedy to relieve the symptoms.  The conventional anti-itch cream did nothing! 
I stumbled across this tip on a website.  The person who posted this information learned it from the Girl Scouts.
Rather than messy oatmeal wraps, making a gooey paste of baking soda, or even scrubbing with baking soda toothpaste, first try rubbing the area with a banana peel.  Some of the other remedies are more geared toward poison oak or poison ivy rashes, etc.  The banana trick seems to just sooth the itch and burn for an allergic dermatitis of other origins, too. 
I noticed some stinging after applying the peel which I was able to do fairly vigorously.  It actually was delightful to scrub with the peel.  When the area dried, it felt much cooler and the effect lasted throughout the night.  You can also apply it multiple times per day.  How many other treatments provide nutrition and help cure an itch, too?
Like all the other tips passed along, this suggestion may be worth ten times what you paid for it.  Ten times zero is still zero.  Nonetheless, I hope it helps.  Natural remedies are great – and often cheap!
Have fun!

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