The Best (and Cheapest) Way to "Get Hitched"

Another use for the new trailer hitch!!!

For those who plan to use their vans for living or just extended camping, sooner or later there might be a need to add a trailer hitch receiver.  It’s not very expensive and is easy (and fun) to do.

A Class 3, Curt brand hitch receiver from Amazon was only $137 and some coins, including shipping.  Curt products get very good reviews on Amazon… I added some comments to the five star rating, too.

Installation took ten to fifteen minutes.  This is one of the few places where it’s actually much easier to put parts on underneath a bigger vehicle.  It takes longer on a car because you have to fish bolts through the frame with a wire… Been there, swore a lot, and done that.

Here is an MP4 video that was made showing the hitch and some special effects used when putting it on.  File size = 17 MB…

The clip was made for my friend’s kids, Apollo and Aries (age 8 and 10).  The boys think I can do magic after they saw some of the antics in the other clips you might have seen posted here.   (beaming, transforming matter, etc.)…

These adorable kids are the ones who can work magic though… They can melt a grumpy bachelor’s heart with a simple hug.  It kind of makes me wish that I had settled down and had kids.  I know this video is dorky but for two little buddies it will be cool…

Well, for now the hitch receiver exists to accommodate the bike carrier.  It works just fine for that purpose.  At least now there is the capacity to add the wiring and tow a trailer if need be.

It is still being decided whether to add a decorative hitch cover. 

I would have to pass on the one that looks like a set of … well … male parts.    Maybe I’m getting too old or too reserved…  It could be that I just don’t have the moxie to do something like what you see in this picture.

A hitch cover like this would likely be looked upon negatively, especially when I’m trying to get a campground host position with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.  By the way, it sounds encouraging.  I might be helping out at a park on the Mississippi River.  🙂

Anyway, on Amazon they have a cute hitch cover that says “Life’s too short to fish without beer.”  I kind of liked that one but it might not be quite right for a stealth camper.  A nice Chevy logo, American flag, or University of Iowa logo would blend in a lot better.

Time to start packing for the morning.  The Iowa weather is once again about 30 degrees above normal and the catfish are biting on everything from shad to night crawlers and even hot dogs.  I plan to try a new campground along the Iowa River and plan to primitive camp for the next day or two… It all depends on how the fish are hitting.. More pictures will be coming soon!

Thanks for reading!  Take care.

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