Upcoming Trip – A Celebration!

Why do all trails have so many uphill stretches in each direction?

The fitness effort has reached another milestone.  I am no longer having to take ANY medications for diabetes.  As the doctor indicated, a day would come where insulin would not be necessary and, if things went well, no more pills.  That’s where thing at now.  There was a long learning curve trying to figure out what and how much to eat, how often to eat, and how much exercise is needed.  Now it’s second nature.  I just need to follow Wilford Brimley’s advice from the T.V. commercials and “Check your blood sugar… and check it often.”

With the fitness / health regimen running full speed ahead on autopilot, it is time to address other things.  After all, if a person can beat back a killer disease, lots of other tasks seem smaller in comparison.  Now I know that great things can be made to happen if we work hard enough, follow our dreams, and don’t look back.

One of those dreams is to keep on camping and living this lifestyle.  To do so it will take money, at least in the 21st century.  Though I am getting by for now, it is still necessary to use various forms of state assistance.  An independent revenue stream will be necessary and that leads into one of the other exciting developments this week.

I am exploring the possibility of writing a handful of e-books for marketing on platforms such as the Kindle or Nook, not to mention a small corner of this website.  I might also be posting a collection of original crochet patterns or cooking recipes for a small donation.  Watch for more details in the coming months. 

High Trestle Bridge – The longet bike/walk bridge in the US

With all the good news, it’s time to take another little camping trip and bike ride.  I found a trail that is a “must visit” near Des Moines, Iowa.  It is called the “High Trestle Trail”. 

The best part is a 1/2 mile long walking / bike bridge that stands about 130 feet over the Des Moines River and is illuminated at night.  I promise some good pictures.

Round tip, the trail will provide a 52 mile ride.  I plan to ride it in the evening.  Night rides are pretty relaxing and comfortable.

In speaking with my sister a few minutes ago she asked about the cost of driving there since it is a little farther away.  I told her that’s why I  love stealth camping.  I’ll just camp in rest areas and Walmarts to save a few bucks.  It offsets the price of the gas.

That’s the latest news for now.  It’s time to go out for another bike ride and eat something healthy.  Who would have ever thought that “rabbit food” looked so good?

Have a fun day.  Go do something healthy!   As always, thanks for visiting!


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