Dad’s and My Future

It’s all in God’s hands.

This week has sure been stressful.  But it appears the future is starting to reveal itself and all will work out for Dad and I.  He recently took a fall as well as having had some other aging-related issues.  I was unsure how to help him.  It is an agonizing thing to face, balancing what is healthiest physically while trying to preserve one’s dignity and happiness.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to make the difficult decisions – his doctors did.

After some tests were run to determine Dad’s condition, it was strongly recommended that we look at assisted living for the near future and then see how he does.  I had the opportunity to choose his apartment and help furnish it with things to make it more like home.  It’s got a beautiful view.  In a way, I am almost envious.  It would be nice to have a warm, clean room, a real toilet (not a bucket!), friends all around, activities, and three healthy meals a day…  The place is really pretty.  I’m not sure how Dad will like it but I would ditch the van in a heartbeat to live there!  Oh yeah, one of their regular activities is to travel around on a van trip.  Woo wee… Sounds like a lot of fun… 🙂

For now, I’ve got a major project to work on.  Like many older people’s houses, Dad’s needs some restoration work to make it cleaner and safer should he be able to return.  In the meantime, I’ll be around there more than ever, working in the house and helping get it back in shape.  On the upside, it means free parking, free shore power, and full restroom / kitchen use. 

The vandwelling is a blessing right now.  This ultra cheap living will let me take as much time off from conventional working as is needed.  My total bills are maybe… $200 a month… and there is plenty of food (too much, actually) in the deep freezer.  Apparently, God’s plan is to have me continue to help Dad in this fashion.  I thank Him for keeping the needs met along the way.

I feel blessed to have enjoyed as much time as possible with my earthly father, even now as he slowly slipping away from us.  It is encouraging to know that there will be more times together in the coming days and I think we will both treasure those times.  At the same time, I also have help with some of the things that I’m not qualified to be able to help with such as health care.

Friends have asked me if taking care of things is stressful.  No, it’s really not.  It is nowhere near as stressful as not knowing how to help, what to do, and watching someone not have the help he really needs.  Things are going really well.

The last week has renewed my faith in mankind to some degree.  The staff at the hospital is incredibly friendly.  One of the people helping Dad is a guy close to my age.  His first name begins with S.  I once worked with him at a job in Iowa City before we both changed careers.  “S” knows about my van trekking exploits, a way to help friends and family in a sort of unconventional way – entertaining and offering a little advice to those wanting to escape from the “American Nightmare” (a life of enslavement to mortgages, credit card debt, stress, anxiety, all that crap). 

“S” is an awesome individual.  I know that Dad is in good hands and that means a lot these days.

Crock Pot Rabbit Stew with Spinach Souffle

For now the van is parked and I am still living in it… and will be for a long time to come. 

During all the pandemonium, Sis gave me a wonderful certificate to Nelson’s Meat Market in Cedar Rapids.  One of the discoveries was frozen, already cleaned rabbits.  I read a dozen or so recipes and put together a stew that was customized for van cooking.  The results were lip smacking.  The tomcat, Mr. Jesse James, gave his approval.  The following link is for VT’s Crock Pot Rabbit Stew


As always, thank you for following along.  It’s been a difficult week and is going to get increasingly complicated.  At the same time it is a wonderful period to help Dad and make his life more comfortable.  Like I tell people, Dad took care of me for 18 years.  Now is my opportunity to help him.  It’s helping me feel better too.

I’ll be posting more recipes and musings in the coming weeks.  Once the house is done, it will be time to visit the favorite destination … Decorah, Iowa… for a little rest break.

Thanks for visiting.

Bradford, the “Van Trekker”

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