Wax on! … Wax Off!

wax on wax off

Some of that Mr. Miyagi Magic is needed right now!

Greetings on this early October day.  It seems like little has been going on in terms of trekking around in the van, but plenty has been happening in other areas.

The van, my Chevy Impala, and Dad’s car all got a hand wash and wax last week using an old favorite:  Nu Finish car wax.  Now the vehicles shine and look great but talk about tiring!  The next day I had a physical and the doctor asked if there was pain anywhere in the body.  When I told him about the sore arms from waxing three cars, he laughed and agreed that sometimes you are supposed to hurt!


Solar repainted

In addition to waxing the cars, the van got a little facelift this week as well.  When the solar panel was first installed, I painted part of the wooden support bracket but missed some of the more difficult inside surfaces , especially after adding additional boards for privacy.  The whole thing looked tacky but that’s fixed.  A few days ago the wooden structure got a thorough inspection and a nice paint job.  So far, so good!  The van looks spiffy now.  It’s too bad we humans can’t be fixed up quite as easily.

On Tuesday, I had a physical and reported some bad ankle pain to the doctor.  According to the x-ray and exam, the ankle has arthritis; the pain and and popping is from old injuries.  None of us is getting younger, right?  It means more Ibuprofen.

ToucheJust two days later I was helping out at another of the company’s gas stations and suddenly there was a flash of ankle pain – then that leg buckled.  I fell hard and landed on a hip and shoulder.  The accident was likely the result of being exhausted from too many hours on one’s feet and not enough rest.

The higher-ups at work (where I fell) insisted I go to my own doctor instead of a company doctor (such as at an inexpensive instant care clinic) for an exam and work release note.  Seeing my own doctor meant a 40 mile drive each way.   Going to local doctor would have cost a couple of days worth of pay!  No problem – I have state insurance and didn’t mind an emergency room visit.  It didn’t cost me a thing.  The state is going to send the bill for the employer to pay… and that will be for an ER visit – likely much more expensive for them…  Touché!

The ankle is doing a lot better – strapped together with an ace bandage and an air splint.  If that doesn’t work, there is always duct tape, bungee cords, and hose clamps to work with!  Some of that healing “Mr. Miyagi” magic (like in “The Karate Kid” movie) would come in handy right now.

Tenderloin Cat

Mr. Jesse studying the Iowa Pork Tenderloin sandwich recently made from a VT recipe.  Yeah, he let me have some of it after he got the first taste.

As far as the cookbook project goes, I’m still working on new recipes.  Yesterday’s creation was a new beer battered fish recipe.  It was a hit at the nursing home and Dad was slipping bites of cod to some of the other gentlemen at the table.  Even Jesse James ate cod and a couple of large, deep fried shrimp.  He apparently liked the garlic and beer batter.

Despite things being busy at work, hopefully there will be an opportunity to go somewhere this week to do some fishing and camping.  The combination of work stress and dealing with Dad’s affairs is very taxing.   A little time away works wonders.

That’s about all that’s new.  Take care and have a great week!

Brad, the Van Trekker

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