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Good morning and greetings from Iowa where it is currently about 44 degrees.  Fall is finally here and heat is becoming a necessity once again.  Sadly, the beloved Vornado space heater bit the dust and had to be replaced.  Unfortunately, the preferred model was no longer available.  Something similar was $150!

Heater vs Wall Temp

The “72” on the top left corner is a thermometer at the opposite end of the van from the heater. Uniform heating is a good thing!!

Instead, I ended up buying this Lasko brand ceramic heater and actually like it better!  Don’t let the distorted photo fool you.  The heater actually fits in the step area of the van and takes up about the same floor space as its predecessor.  I plan to use small bungee cords to secure it to hooks on the wall at the front of the van’s living area during transport.

There are many models of Lasko ceramic heaters but what attracted me to this one was that it included a remote control!  This was important because living in a van is different than a house or apartment – sometimes more frequent adjustments are needed due to outside temperature changes, drafts, etc.  A remote control is welcome.  Not having to wake up and bang one’s head on the ceiling in the middle of the night is a plus.  🙂

So how did this heater work in comparison to the Vornado?  I like it better (so far) and the cost was half as much as the old heater (and one third the price of a new Vornado).

The ceramic heating element takes about ten to twelve seconds to reach temperature but when it  does, it blasts out the hot air – almost too hot if body parts or pets are nearby.  Kitty Serena liked the warmth but kept a safe distance.

There are two settings – low and high, translating to 750 watts or 1500 watts.  All of the functions can be operated from the remote or on the heater itself.  This is a plus for those of us in campers; the old heater only had one set of buttons and half the time they did not work, possibly due to having been in environmental extremes.

There was only one  minor disappointment.  Unfortunately, the thermostat operates when on the HIGH setting.  To me that’s acceptable because the 1500 watt setting does heat the “room” very quickly and effectively and then cycles off.  The only consideration is having to turning the heater off for a bit when also running the microwave, toaster oven, or George Foreman grill from external power.  Running everything would trip a breaker in the van or outside!

Though the heater’s low setting works fine in the 40 degree Iowa weather, it does run continuously.  Operating it on LOW raises the temperature to about 84 degrees and one has to open the roof vent or turn off the appliance.  Running the ceramic heater on high with the thermostat set on 73 yielded a consistent 72 degrees all night and I didn’t have to wake up once to make any adjustments.

Like hundreds of other Amazon shoppers, I would give this heater four stars.  The only reason I’m taking one away is for temperature excursions.  Though the thermostat works pretty well, it does allow for variations great enough to catch one’s attention.  With the control set on 73, sometimes the temperature will quickly drop to 70 before the heat kicks in or it will climb as high as 75 before the heater shuts off.  I attribute some of this to being in a van environment – temperatures can vary pretty quickly.  What seems to work best is to set the heater just a degree or two warmer than what you want and point the hot air a few degrees away from the bed.

Affordable price (it was $50!)
Quick, fast, powerful heating
A convenient remote control
Quiet fan (in comparison to a CPAP or ceiling vent)
Large LED digits that are easy to read
Fairly even heating from low to high
Heater can oscillate directions and spread the heat effectively
Penetrating warmth brings arthritis relief
Safe – no glowing wires or flames

Thermostat only works on high setting
No options to run just the fan .  It’s a heater only.
Some temperature excursions in a drafty environment
Fairly intense heat in the forward direction (aim away from body parts!)
Buttons on the remote do take a pretty strong push to activate.

So far, it looks like this heater will do an even better job than its predecessor.  The true test will be during the frigid Iowa weather in the coming months.  So far so good though… And you simply can’t beat the price!

Take care and have a terrific day.  Stay warm!

Bradford, the “Van Trekker”

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