Christmas Fun


Left to right, Alothina, Aries, and Apollo (“Paw Paw”) opening Christmas presents.

It was a fun Christmas day – different from those in the past but enjoyable.  In the morning I went over to my friends’ house and watched Apollo and Aries open Christmas gifts.

IMG_4941Pictured is one of their presents from me – a matching outfit of khaki cargo pants and a striped shirt for each of the boys.  They look grown up with the new clothes.  Time flies and kids grow!  They also got some Nerf rifles, too.  Kids and toy guns… I know, not politically correct… but boys will be boys.  I had candy cigarettes, cap pistols, and all that stuff, too.

I hope to teach them a little about fishing next summer…  Teach a boy to fish and he might ditch the “Xbox” or “PlayStation”…

Later on Christmas the morning, another good friend extended an invitation to a Christmas brunch in her home.  We had homemade favorites (sausage gravy over biscuits, ham, cinnamon rolls, etc.) that warmed the heart and belly.  I ate a little too much but after having received some concerning health news from the doctor (I know he timed it before Christmas), one last heavy meal was welcome.  Now it’s back to broth soups and salads.

Ralph2For all the dog lovers… The brunch friend and her husband have two adorable  canine friends, this one being “Ralph”… Somehow Ralph got her name at a very young age though I don’t know the whole story.  It was cute to see her flop down on the loveseat and throw a paw over the couch cushion.  She is very large (over 90 lbs) and if I would stare at her for more than three seconds, she would lunge and slurp my face and ears!

Bud1The other dog, Bud, was much more laid back.  Bud is a little older but very loving.  He took up a position on the couch and let me pet him for about a half hour.  I’m normally not much of a dog person but these two canines were a lot of fun!  They can tell who loves animals.

IMG_4985[1]By some miracle, Jesse James was an angel on Christmas, even letting me get him spiffed up for the occasion.  I tried to get Serena into the picture but she wasn’t too cooperative; there was hissing and paws went flying as the cats forgot about the “naughty or nice” thing…

All in all, it was a fun Christmas despite the changes this year.  Things will be okay… 2014 is going to be a good year.

I hope everyone had an awesome time with their families this holiday season!

Bradford, the “Van Trekker”

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