God, Family, Fishing, and Work


Rhetorical crap

Lorazepam will make you feel like this!  😀


Life throws you a few curve balls now and then.  I’ve joked a lot about how a person’s priorities should be God first, then family, then fishing, and at the bottom of the list, working.  Little did I know how true that statement was!

Stressed OutBefore Dad died, I had started a job at a telephone contact center for a respected retailer.  I liked the coworkers and quickly made new friends.  Even though the stress level was tough, it looked like the sky was the limit in terms of growth potential.

One night after work (November 26) I called the nursing home and told Dad how exhausting it was learning the new job.  There was so much training compressed into very little time.  It made me wonder (for good reason) what I’d gotten myself into!

Dad calmly joked, “Well don’t quit just yet.  At least stay until you get paid for the training.”

I loved his sense of humor and comforting words.  I was too exhausted to visit him that evening but Dad understood.  He was tired as well and told me to come and see him in the morning.  A few hours later he passed away in his sleep.

Since then, the last few weeks have been busy with the funeral and burial, starting the Executor duties, and trying to get back to work.  There was not enough time to rest and grieve.  After returning to work, within days I had some serious anxiety issues resulting in medical intervention.  In retrospect, something had to give and it turned out to be the nerves!

Only logical

If only family members could understand that logic!

I called the employer on Wednesday and requested to work a part time schedule going forward.  The H.R. department said that working fewer hours is not possible.  Nobody is working part time during the busy holiday season.  (bah, humbug?)

I politely offered to end the employment.  Predictably, the resignation letter I sent included “… business needs must prevail in this situation and our [availability] requirements are incompatible.  A separation is necessary and logical.”  

The decision to resign immediately solved the time conflicts.  The anxiety issues disappeared practically overnight.  The outlook is now optimistic and depression symptoms lifting.  There are no worries.  When money is needed, there will be other jobs waiting in the bottom of the barrel.  But for the time being, family comes first… then some camping and fishing… then looking for work.


According to the latest forecast, we’re looking a a 6″ snowstorm this weekend – just in time for a picture postcard type white Christmas.  It’s likely that Serena and I will be out there somewhere camping and enjoying the winter weather.

May your Christmas (and other) travels be safe and enjoy the time with your families.  I treasure all the wonderful times with Dad and Mom, both of whom are gone now.  Enjoy one another this year!  Peace and joy to you!

God Bless!

Bradford, the Van Trekker

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