Happy New Year!

wonderful-new-yearHello and welcome to the blog!

Happy New Year!

2014 was a hectic year but made for some fun camping.  2015 should be exciting as well… at least when it warms up!  For now, the Iowa weather is cold – around zero and well below zero in trout country.

It’s hard to believe a week has already elapsed since Christmas.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season.  Thanksgiving was a great time to reflect on our many blessings.  Christmas was, of course, Jesus’ birthday celebration.  New Year’s Eve is a perfect chance to say goodbye to the last year and maybe challenge ourselves to do a little better next year.

No Modesty

New Year’s resolution = less recliner time!

So here are the New Year’s Resolutions…

1)  Watch the blood sugar closer.

2)  Stop trout fishing so much… and catch some bluegills, bass, and catfish closer to home.

Both resolutions are reasonable and doable!

Are there any New Year’s Eve plans?  Nope – I have to work both days.  Instead of boozing it up for the 31st / 1st, the only cocktail for tonight’s celebration is a shrimp cocktail.  The kiddies at work can deal with the hangovers!  Been there, done that, and don’t need the headaches… literally.

Shrimp CocktailHere is the shrimp cocktail that was made for New Year’s eve…  It used a small bottle of Clamato juice, an avocado, a bit of cilantro, a few diced onions, and a handful of pre-cooked shrimp.  I had made the pineapple potholder a few weeks ago while visiting Johnnie.  With the convenient, quick preparation, it makes a person think…Wouldn’t this be a tasty and healthy camping food?

It’s time to hit the sack and hope to heck the year is 2015 when I wake up to open the kitchen tomorrow at work.  Have a wonderful time tonight and a great 2015.  Stay safe!

Your camping friends in Jones County, Iowa,

Bradford, Jesse James, and Serena

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