More Fishing – More Fun!

   2_Turkey RiverTurkey River near Elkader, Iowa

A couple of days ago, I dreamed about fishing.  It was one of those “I don’t want to wake up” type of dreams – kind of like when I was a “healthy teenager” with raging hormones and had racy thoughts during the night.  Then the phone rings and you realize it was just an illusion.  But the damage was done – I knew that it was only a matter of time before a “trout fix” would be required.  It would be a healthy endeavor – fresh air, exercise, and a time to celebrate some good news.

PeaceLoveFishingThe wellness efforts are going smoothly – reason enough to be happy.  People are starting to say “Wow, you are really losing weight!” and that sure helps build momentum.

With some guidance from the doctor, it has been possible to manage both the food intake and the blood sugars effectively.    Each day just gets better and better … as well as easier!

But with the increased energy, so comes a little touch of “cabin fever.”  That is likely where the fishing dream came from.  A couple of weeks ago (while ice fishing) one of the old guys had told me about a place up north where the water is crystal clear, never freezes, and the fish are plentiful – it was a just a few hundred yards from where I had camped one time!  The place lived up to its reputation… though the drive to get there was a little tricky!

5_Snow thrower_Jumbo Size

Now that’s a snow blower!

We recently had a snowstorm (mini-blizzard) and the roads in northeast Iowa had been bad; I’m glad that the choice was made to drive Dad’s car and not the van!  Once I got to the Turkey River (northwest of the town of Elkader), it appeared no other fishermen had been there for days.

The excitement was immediate.  On the first cast, a hungry fish grabbed the line so hard it startled me and I slipped on the icy rocks just above the open water.  (Fun isn’t always without danger!) The action remained intense.  Being alone, it was possible to be picky and catch five lovely trout in less than an hour… That sure beat the ice fishing trip where I sat on a cold bucket for two days and caught one dang fish!  This excursion was every bit as fun as the dream and probably even more so!

Okay, so here is another reason for celebrating…

I recently filled out two job applications last week and got calls on both of them.  One was for a job at a home improvement store; it would have been a challenge to be on the feet (on a concrete floor) for that many hours.  The other opportunity was a telephone job providing customer service for a farm equipment manufacturer – a seasonal position.  I chose working on the phones…

Brass Knuckle Clutch

I need one of these clutches! Looks like it can be used for self defense!

The hope is this job will be a better fit than the last.  The previous telephone gig involved selling high-end fashion apparel and accessories – not the best match for a person who camps in a van, bathes with baby wipes, and trolls food pantries for donated treasures.  It wasn’t until working for Nor****om that I learned a “clutch” is also a type of purse – not just part of an automotive drive train!

The new job starts on 02/17/2014, so it is likely there will be a little van trip somewhere before then.  It’s tough to have to give up all the camping freedom but having money coming in again is a good thing.  Working will make the time go by quickly, too.  (In some fashion, the home base will have to change later this year and that cannot happen soon enough!)  Of course, on the days off there will still be plenty of camping, fishing, and biking trips… and lots of calories being burned.  It’s going to be a dynamic year.

I guess listening to the dream worked out.  Winter doesn’t have to be boring!  Have a great rest of the week and thanks for visiting!

Bradford, the “Van Trekker””Eat more avocados!”

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