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Good bye to a space waster!

Hello and thanks for checking out the page today.  Thanks also for the visit from reader “C” who stopped by and checked out the van.

I’ve been working on Dad’s house, getting ready to sell it this spring.  Yesterday was spent working on the attic, cleaning out treasures from both sides of the families.  As time goes by, it gets easier to “know what to throw”.  But dealing with the dust is another story.

I can only seem to tolerate about 4 hours a day of working in the garage.  To keep the job from getting too overwhelming, it’s helpful to break the house activities into steps and then work on the van in between.  That makes a person want to camp more, right?


Fold up cup holders from Menards… $4.99

The first task was to replace the auxiliary power fuse (for the cigarette lighter socket).  Those who drive a Chevy Express probably feel the pain.  It’s a royal pain in the a$$ to get to the firewall-mounted fuse box, unless you are trained in performing a “c-section” delivery, have a good back, and are a contortionist.  One good jerk and I managed to rip the whole fuse box off the firewall.  Looks like it is time to buy some big zip ties.  🙂   Oh well, at least the aux power outlet is working again.

The next priority was to add some cool new cup holders.  Some time ago I took out the center console which you saw in the top picture.  It served little purpose and took up a lot of space between the seats.  It did serve to redirect the air for the heater but without it the floor stayed warm enough.

IMG_5903So what became of the space that was freed up?  I am using the four remaining brackets to strap a bungee cord to the lower dash.  You can never have too many waste baskets!

IMG_5913The last improvement was adding a $1.00 potholder that is tacked to the headboard of the bed.  It’s made life so much easier!  I was always losing remote controls – and there are many, including for the roof vent, heater, air conditioner, and TV.  There will be another added on the other side of the headboard.  Getting organized adds to the fun!

Speaking of getting organized, I recently bought another of those military surplus first aid kits.  The box now contains all the paper plates, napkins, plastic cutlery, facial wipes, etc. needed for eating outside.  You cannot beat a watertight container!   As far as the one purchased to use as a toolbox, it’s amazing how helpful it has become… and there won’t be any more rusted tools in the generator box.

Well, it is time to get back to working on the attic.  There are only a few days before the new Walmart job starts.  With the weather improving, Serena and I are going to be hitting the road one of these days – no fishing this time though.  We’re going to Muscatine, along the mighty Mississippi, and will visit our friend Johnnie.  I’m sure there will be some cool places to check out along the way, including “The Worlds Largest Truck Stop”.

Take care and have a great start to spring!

Bradford, the “Van Trekker”

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  1. Pleinguy says:

    I always enjoy seeing mods that improve the efficiency of the rig. Glad to see you’re making progress on the house prep. Hope you get to have some van time after you begin working the day job. Take care.