A Day of the Blues

Walmart Van Camp

Working from home? Not exactly. But I’ll be working for the same company where I camp out!

It’s been a pretty exciting week in both good and bad ways.  First, the best news.

I got the “You’re hired” call today and will be starting a new job at Wal-Mart later this month.  Hopefully it will help pave the future with some extra cash.  The new job will be part time (at my request), working in a department where I have knowledge and interest.  The hourly rate was much better than expected.  If this works out, there are store locations near several of the places I’ve considered moving later this year, including Decorah.  A foot in the door is a good thing if one wants to transfer!  I wonder if a person can wear a Star Trek communicator pin on the blue vest…???

Here is the bad news.  This morning it was discovered that my debit card number was stolen (the bank said it was possibly fallout from the Target information breach).  Someone at a major home improvement store in Indiana (two states away) ran up several rapid-fire purchases totaling hundreds of dollars.  The charges were reversed.  Thanks to quick action from the awesome folks at my own bank, no money was lost.  If the home improvement retailer was not feeling “BLUE” before, I’ll bet they will be after eating the fraudulent transactions.  Just a piece of advice…  If you haven’t already, change your credit card number if you used a card at Target – before or immediately after the breach.  I’m finding articles online showing that some of the information stolen has been sold and used at large stores.

dumpsterThis big blue object was a welcome sight at the house today. For the next week, I’ll be busy cleaning out the garage and attic.  The work is easier now.  Much progress has been made and soon the house will be nearly emptied out.  Then it will be sold.  It sure is a good feeling to be seeing the efforts pay off.

IMG_5874Now that this long day is over, ironically it’s time for one last blue item.  I was looking for a bottle of water in the fridge a few minutes ago and there was a can of Blue Moon from last fall.  What a lovely way to end an unusual day!

The next week will be pretty hectic.  I’ve got a goal in mind for completion of the house activities.  After that there will be a fun camping trip to celebrate – just prior to the start of the new job.  It can only get better from here as spring quickly approaches.  The temperatures are rising and the snow is melting.

Have a terrific weekend and thanks for stopping by.  For those of us who must, this is the weekend to set your clocks ahead.  It means one more hour of fishing time!

Take care.

Brad, the Van Trekker

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