Just a Few Days Left


What a view!

Hello and welcome!  The time for a transition is near.  Today I moved a few more things out of the house.  The deep freeze (where you see Serena and Jesse perched) was polished up and went on Craigslist last night.  Tomorrow the last possessions will be migrated to the van and to storage.  After the house changes hands next week I will be on the road as a full-time vandweller.  It’s both scary and exciting at the same time.

I plan to disappear for a few days after that.  Upon returning from some spring camping and fishing, the plan is still to park at my friend’s farm for a few months.  I spoke with him today and it’s a “GO”.  There are still some kind people in the universe.  Remember my colorful friend Johnnie?  I’ll be staying at his cousin’s.  Meeting their family has been a blessing.

The kennel you see pictured below will likely contain a kitty house (either wood or plastic) and there will be a plywood covering and plastic tarp to shade the sides of the kennel.  This will help keep Serena safe when I’m not home at the farm.

IMG_6470But here is the sad news.  Only one cat will be coming with me for now.  Jesse James, the beloved, shrimp gobbling tomcat, will be spending the summer in northern Minnesota with a friend.  Jesse will be happier and safer there.  At least it is not forever – he will be coming back to live with me this fall.

After the new owners of Dad’s house take possession next week, Serena and I are going to hit the road with plenty of clothing and some provisions.  After having slept and camped in the converted van for most of the last three years, the “bugs” have been shaken out of the process and there will be some new adventures.

There is more good news coming soon but I don’t want to give it away quite yet.  The next couple of weeks will allow for time to work on my own little aspiration.  Stay tuned!

Homeless CatOne might notice that I have re-enabled a donation button.  Money is pretty tight right now and anything helps greatly with food, camping fees, and gasoline while I’m trying to find some work.  There’s no way Serena would stoop to street begging (like the cat on the right) and if I tried to play music we’d both get stoned to death.

Later in the year things will calm down.  I’ve found a place to settle one day and it’s not in Decorah, believe it or not… But it’s not all that far away, either.  (no surprise, right?)  Just getting from here to there might be a little bouncy.

Stay tuned – the adventure is just beginning.  As always, thanks for riding along. It’s been a bumpy road the last couple of years but life isn’t always easy.  But each new day is a new adventure… and all the more reason to see what life has in store just around the next bend in the road.

Kindest wishes always,

Brad and Serena, “van trekking” in eastern Iowa.

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