Severe Storm Rolls Through

Funky Cloud by Tony's

See the dust rising from the ground? Not good!

Welcome!  We sure had a nasty storm last night at the farm.  I had just finished working and could see the clouds darkening and lowering.  The AM car radio was crackling almost continuously with static, indicating a lot of lightening activity.  I raced back to the farm, watching the sky start to turn green – an indication of clouds containing hail.

Machine ShedThankfully, there is a metal machine shed on the farm.  I called to Serena.  She and kitty Bear Bear climbed into the van and we pulled inside.  While the lightning was cracking, I was able to get the other car in just before the storm hit.

The hail that fell was roughly the size of a quarter.  The cats were terrified by the sound of the precipitation beating on the metal roof.  While watching the storm, I had to plug both ears because the sound was deafening.  It sounded like a giant snare drum being shot by hundreds of machine guns.

Eventually the storm relented and I walked out to survey the farm.  There was no damage as far as one could see but the power to the farmhouse had been knocked out.  No problem – the two cats and I watched TV and relaxed.  Eventually another storm passed through during the night but it was not severe… just enough to wake a person up listening to the “snare drum”.

Fog Post RainThis morning it was foggy outside.  The  picture to the right was taken looking west at a neighboring farm.

Fog like this will be a common sight later in the summer.  When the corn comes up (most has not emerged yet), often you will see a haze of fog that “burns off” as the sun comes up and the moisture is released from the plants back into the atmosphere.  The technical term is “evapotranspiration” for what that’s worth!

Bear Bear

Bear Bear looking up from the step area.

Thunderstorms aside, everything is going great.  At work I’m finding that even a 48.5 year old can still contribute.  We have a great crew, the store runs very efficiently, and the work is a lot of fun!  Enjoying what you do makes a huge difference.

Last night (after the mid-shift lunch break) I worked another 5 hours straight without a break – something I didn’t think possible at this age and weight.  If a place treats you nicely, you go the extra mile.  That doesn’t sound like stressed out person from a couple of months ago!

Now it’s time to relax for the next couple of days.  The plan is to do a little fishing tomorrow since the streams will be stocked up for Memorial Day (and I will be working that day).  Hopefully, there will be some pictures to share.

Take care and thanks for visiting today.

Brad and Serena



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