Working Again

Burger Flipping

I cook beef, chicken, and fish at work… but not trout!

Well, it’s back in the saddle again.  This time I’m working at a fast food burger restaurant.  So far, so good.  The work is very fast-paced but it is not rocket science.  I’m amazed at how efficient the processes are at this business!  There is minimal multitasking and that’s a good thing.  I’ll take “busy” over the chaos of doing multiple people’s jobs!  With less on my mind these days, it’s easier to focus on learning new stuff and not giving up when the going gets tough!

So why a hamburger cooking job?  It’s part of the relocation strategy.  The plan is still to move north.  The future home base is located near other restaurant franchises.  I’m hoping to build a good work history, move north,  get a stable home established, and then obtain a job at another franchise of the same hamburger place.  In any case, it’s money coming in and that’s a good thing.  It is fun, too!

Parmesan Encrusted

Wesson was taste testing another recipe. This is his “I’m cute so feed me” face.

Things are still going well with living in the van.  I’ve learned to economize a lot – keeping minimal amounts of perishables on hand and cooking more.

One of the biggest impacts has been having to refine the basic processes of living.  Bathing, doing laundry, cooking, storing food, etc. have all changed markedly since moving out of Dad’s house.  Much more planning and organization are required – an area where work was needed.  The resulting challenges and resolutions have been therapeutic and educational!  Some of those ideas might show up in a later post.

So that’s the latest info in the continuing story.  Living in the van is can be more difficult than residing in a house.  But the sleep is much more restful than a couple of months ago and there is quite a bit less to worry about these days.  One can only imagine how happy the pioneers in wagons were though I don’t think they were living in a “Little Cargo Van on the Prairie”.     Still, with this freedom, it seems much more like the great American dream.

Take care and thanks for following along on the journey!  Hopefully Serena and I will be able to go somewhere and catch some fish pretty soon… and share some fun photos…

Brad and Serena, Vandwelling in Eastern Iowa