It’s Official – I’m Houseless!


With the house gone, I won’t be needing these!

It’s really an exciting time!  The new owners took possession of Dad’s house on Wednesday.  Serena and I are in the van full-time now.

Today “Ree Ree” and I headed out of town for a while.  All of the details of selling the house as well as dealing with changes, memories and such has taken a toll.  Some rest is a good thing right now.

IMG_6532Jesse James is now staying with a friend in Minnesota – just a half hour south of Canada.  It was a tearful farewell but it’s only for a few months.  Jesse seems to be making the transition pretty well, immediately warming up to a little female kitty that lives in the same house.  When the estate is resolved later this year, Jesse will rejoin Serena and I in our new home base location up north.

As you can see in the photo above, Jesse was not a happy camper.  Then again, would the real Jesse James have liked being locked up?

At the moment, Serena and I are in Decorah.  That was not the original plan.  We went to a stream called “Glovers” near West Union, Iowa to do a little trout fishing.  It was pretty tough.  I’d sprained my ankle two days ago.  Like always, miraculously the pain went away (but not entirely) when the fish started biting.

3_GloversI pulled three fat rainbows out of Glovers but it took some doing.  It’s not a heavily stocked stream but the lengthy walk did a person good!

While I was cleaning the fish, Ree Ree explored the area, meowing and nosing around.  She even came right up to the edge of the stream and watched the fish get field dressed.  She’s quite the little camping nut.  Yes, a person (or a stocking truck) has to cross that water.  It’s darn cold, too!

From there it was on to Goeken Park, a favorite little camping spot where few people are around.  The only problem is that the water was still shut off.  Even worse, I couldn’t get the van up the grass hill to the camping spot without tearing ruts.  That idea had to be scrapped.

Twin SpringsInstead, we ended up at Pulpit Rock Campground in Decorah – a favorite retreat.  Pulpit Rock and Twin Springs campgrounds are separated by the Twin Springs trout stream which is about 120 feet in front of the van as pictured.  The footbridge over the stream is where you see the yellow lights.  Though I’ve never fished this segment, scoffing that it was for kids and duffers, I pulled two fish out in about ten minutes….  Guess who’s coming to dinner tomorrow!   😀

It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings.  Today was enjoyable and the food tasty.  The meal tonight consisted of Parmesan encrusted trout, corn-on-the-cob, and some fruit cups.  It tasted great because the fish were fresh caught.

After today, life seems more doable now.  There are still some details to resolve with respect to Dad’s estate.  It’s been a difficult time.  But for now there is the security of having a roof over one’s head and a buddy who wants to be with me every moment.  I don’t know what I would do without her!   There’s no feeling like waking up with the kitty’s head on your arm.


Fresh air makes us both tired!

Take care and thanks for stopping by.  Finally on the road full-time, we don’t have to be anywhere tomorrow.

We’ll just see where life leads a person… or one person and an intrepid cat!

Have a great weekend!

Bradford and Serena