Cleaning up the Van

New Color

That van’s new interior color… Kind of a mix of “Home Depot Orange” and baby food squash!

Hello and thanks for stopping by!
Things have been very busy lately. With the promotion, the work schedule has been crazy – strange hours, no two weeks the same, and sometimes 10+ days in a row! But it’s good to be working and making money.

The trailer now feels like home more than ever. Gone is the hideous pink bathroom.  It’s now a pleasant blue color with homemade crocheted curtain panels that keep light coming in but maintain privacy.  There will be pictures of the curtains one of these days…

fly shit

Fly crap… Yuck!

Speaking of refinements, the van’s interior has been undergoing some big changes. Due to the damage from hundreds of farm flies, extensive cleaning and repainting was necessary.  Gone is the drab beige color (which I liked!); it was replaced by kind of a gold, mustard, slightly orange color. Also absent are the toaster oven and crock pot.  The emphasis on this new arrangement is going to be comfort and simplicity.  When the van was first purchased, it seemed like it had to be filled with all kinds of cooking accouterments. But once I was living in it full-time, the fancy gadgets were seldom used!  Now they reside in the home-base and can be brought out for trips.

I took down several metal signs… well, at least for now.  Where I once thought one had to adorn the walls with Coca-Cola ads and “Man Cave” proclamations, it seems nice NOT to have the metal. Who knows… they might make a reappearance.  For now, a clean look to the walls gives the van a little more dignity.  The new color is a little darker and soothing with the idea being to make it easier to sleep.

Jesse Getting High

Jesse James making himself at home…

One last little tweak… The badly battered Winegard RV antenna (which was on the van) is on a pole in the yard and provides TV signals to the trailer house.  A new antenna arrived on Thursday and I’m planning to make a quick disconnect mount for concealing the antenna under the solar panel and then deploying it as needed while on trips.

So what else is on the horizon? When the van is cleaned up and ready to go, there are a couple of days off scheduled. Serena, the blue Raleigh bike, and I are going fishing and camping.  The DNR is stocking trout in Decorah.  No matter how much life changes, some things stay comfortably the same… and that’s a good thing!

There will be more pictures of the van in the coming days.  It will be run to use the van again as a recreational type vehicle.  But it sure played an important role during the difficult times!

Take care and thanks for visiting!  There will be more pictures coming.  Happy Labor Day!

Brad, Jesse James, and Serena in eastern Iowa

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