Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

Candy 1Hello and welcome!  On the way to northern Minnesota, I stopped in the town of Jordan (SW of Minneapolis on Highway 169) to visit Minnesota’s largest candy store.

I took a different route (sort of a bypass) and missed the candy store by a couple of miles.  Stopping to ask for directions at a gas station, the two cashiers laughed and said go back down Highway 169 and look for the yellow gate.  I asked what the gate looked like and the lady laughed like I was a moron and said just watch for the yellow gate.  “You can’t miss it!”  She was right.  On the south side of Jordan, a gawdy yellow fence appeared… and it was long enough to mark an airport runway for a Boeing 777!

The store is amazing.  It is filled with not only candies from all over the world, vintage candies, flavored popcorn products, over 150 kinds of root beer, and even various special meat products such as apple flavored bacon.  There are, of course, other tourist-oriented goodies such as jams, fudge, exotic soup mixes, salsas, etc.  The store is well worth visiting.

What follows are some pictures of this most unique place and a few words explaining each photo.

Candy 5

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store


Candy 2

Many feet of delicious goodies!


Hundreds of different kinds of sweets – a dentist’s dream.


Candy 4

Candy resembling fruit… Healthy, right?

Candy 3

“Surrender the Booty” hot sauce. I bought the chile lime version… We’ll see how hot it is and what effect it has on the booty!


Candy 6

A throwback to the 1970s! Not exactly politically correct but fun nevertheless!


As you can see, Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store is a fun place with lots of cool products.  I bought some apple smoked “back bacon” (a lean, ham-like bacon you often find in the United Kingdom), some “Surrender The Booty” hot sauce, and a few hard type candies including a tin of Cavendish and Harvey Orange Drops.  But I took it easy on the sugar on this trip.  Diabetic neuropathy will make you want less candy!

While it was fun visiting this amazing attraction, on the next post you’ll see a picture of one unique kind of chocolate candy that really touched the heart today… and it came from a little shop in Duluth!  That post will likely go up tomorrow night or Monday morning.

Take care and thanks for visiting…

Brad and Jesse James in Minnesota