The New Living Space

Highland 8

Serena likes the trailer… and is taking it over.

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I’m now living in the recent acquisition though most of the belongings are not yet moved in.  It’s such a blessing compared to what I had been occupying.  Many nights have been spent in the van – sometimes as the only place to live – and there will be good times enjoyed in the future, too…

As I told some friends on Facebook, I used to own a mobile home and furniture that were disposed of when Mom died and Dad’s health began to slip.  Everything has now been replaced with as good if not better stuff than I had to begin with.

A good friend of mine – a minimalist – mentioned the ample living space.  He prefers tiny spaces.  Others have said things like “A single wide trailer is too small.”  It’s all relative.

Highland 4Everything you see in these pictures came as part of the purchase!  The spacious master bedroom is connected to a full sized walk-in shower.

The front bedroom is an office / storage area (for items yet to be unpacked).  The middle bedroom will be for guests and will contain a kitty condo and food/water for Jesse and Serena.

Wednesday was the official possession date. There isn’t much in there right now but the old owners, an elderly couple, left it pretty well furnished.  A leather loveseat, motorized recliner, kitchen set, two new beds, washer and dryer, etc. were all included.

Highland 1It’s going to get interesting as some ideas take shape.  Right away, I am thinking about hiding an amplified RV television antenna in the roof of the carport to get some free TV.

The van will be parked under the carport and will receive a good repainting inside.  There are some new areas to explore for camping including a cool county park less than ten miles away.

The plan is to have a open house / housewarming party and, if that comes to pass, there will be pictures of some of the fun, friendly co-workers.

Pink bathroom

The pink bathroom needs repainted! 🙂

So far Serena has been taking the adjustment very well.  After moving in she had been making loud “super meow” sounds – the kind that sounded like she was sick.  I was worried but then realized it was her expressing happiness – she’s been purring almost constantly and she seems to be very happy with the new arrangement.  I was concerned about her and the dangers presented by living on the farm.  No more worries!

In a few days there will be more stuffed moved in.  Then it’s off to Minnesota to retrieve Jesse James.  But the return trip passes right through Decorah, Iowa…

It’s all but certain some fish may come back!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Take care!

Brad and Serena in eastern Iowa