The New Fresh Market

1_Fresh MarketHello and welcome to the blog.  Recently “The Fresh Market” opened in Cedar Rapids.  It’s generated a lot of excitement.  Despite the relatively steep prices, the food is top notch quality.

Tonight I checked the place out and really liked it.  Some pictures of the inside of the store will follow but first I wanted to update the blog friends on Serena’s condition.

Serena and JesseI nearly lost the little camping companion about a week ago after applying a tiny dose of Frontline flea treatment to her neck.  She became very sick and weak, throwing up and not eating for several days. Jesse hovered over her night and day, licking her neck to remove the medicine.  His constant concern helped me to rest better.

Serena is feeling better.  We slept in the van last night and this morning she didn’t want to go in the house!  When I get back tonight we’ll “camp” in the driveway again.  She’s still not back to 100% and has lost some weight but she’s one tough little kitty.

Okay, back to the fresh market… I picked up a few things (spending $20) but it was worth it.  Here are several pictures with captions for each.

4_Fresh Market

The store is brilliantly lit with lots of attractive food displays.


3_Olive Bar

The Olive Bar… Yum!


2_Seafood Bar

The seafood bar… Kitty Jesse would be in heaven!

I sure enjoyed checking out the new store.  If all goes well this weekend, the plan is to go camping on Monday.  Serena will come with but we won’t be going far.  It’s all but certain that some of the tasty food from The Fresh Market will go along for the trip!

It’s getting late – time to get back to the home base.  There’s a surprise for Jesse in the front seat.  While at The Fresh Market, I couldn’t resist the large sea scallops.  Jesse’s going to be one happy kitty.  With the way he cared for Serena night and day, he’s earned the treat!

Take care and thanks for visiting!

Brad, Serena, and Jesse.

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