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Now that the big move is over (like a person ever gets completely unpacked), it’s time to start working on some other, more personal issues.

With all the chaos of working on Dad’s estate, moving to the farm, moving into the trailer house. etc., I’ve not been watching the blood sugar and it’s been getting very bad in recent days.  The other day I was shocked to see the level had reached nearly 500.  That’s four to five times the normal amount…. not good!  Long term numbers like this would all but ensure dire consequences such as strokes, heart attack, blindness, renal failure, amputations, etc.  It was a race to see what would go kaput first…

FailureWednesday was the first appointment with the new physician in the city where I now reside.  There was the usual trepidation about getting a lecture.  Instead, the doctor was a kindly man and his words were gentle.  The doc said he had read the medical history about a person who had made a lot of progress with losing weight, reducing the blood sugars, and getting off the diabetes medications.  He wanted to know what he could do to help that guy get back on track.

We talked for an hour.

A gentle reminder was a good thing.  There are some areas in life where you can bury your head in the sand and do nothing; ignoring diabetes is not one of them!  I have a friend who lost his kidneys due to this condition.  He’s much younger and the impact on his life has been significant.  Thankfully, there’s still time to correct things.  Ignoring the condition is not an option.  And unlike this classic scene from the movie Star Trek IV, a doctor cannot give you a pill to grow a new kidney… yet!

Chicken Tortellini SoupSome familiar changes are coming and they will end up on the blog.  It’s back to eating healthier options, substituting salads for chicken nuggets, and pondering (and recording) what’s eaten.  Cold weather, stress, availability of free food, etc. aren’t viable excuses for gut stuffing.  (although a little treat now and then is not a bad thing)  Fresh fruits (in moderation) sound terrific and, of course, so does replacing chicken nuggets with a familiar favorite – an occasional avocado.  When I made this healthy soup the other day (with a few sprigs of cilantro), it was much tastier than the fast food I’ve been eating at work… and there was no impact on the blood sugar.

The plan is also to keep on camping and taking some walks.  Fishing?  That won’t change!  Last weekend I walked close to four miles over rough terrain while chasing trout.  It’s healthier than spending the time in the recliner!

Food portions are still a problem.  I’m hoping to keep cooking good quality meals but in smaller quantities… sort of like the “small plates restaurants” you now see popping up.  Instead of a big portion of scallops, maybe a fresh salad with two scallops will suffice.  There is no need for a 1 lb bacon heart attack burger…  Maybe a campfire grilled turkey breast with cranberry-horseradish mustard would be a good alternative.  Just like the last time, there is a chance to tap into some fun, creative ideas and make them work over the long haul.

Piss On ItIt will be a happy and healthier autumn season.  Serena and I will likely be camping  somewhere pretty soon.  She is looking and feeling great after a rough patch.  The intrepid little kitty sets a good example.  Life is too short not to enjoy every day.

I hope the blog friends are having a terrific autumn season.  It’s as beautiful as ever in Iowa… a great time to engage in some outdoor fun.

Beware of the squirrels.

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Brad, Serena, and Jesse James in Jones County, Iowa


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