A Great Day to Get Well

Tired KittiesHello and welcome to the blog.

Today is the first day in 5 months that I had to call in sick – at least from work’s perspective.  It actually turned out to be a great day to call in and get well!

The fast food job is still providing a modest existence.  It’s not easy though.  Covering for missing crew members day after day has finally taken a big toll.  Beyond fatigue and sore joints, the stress has started triggering anxiety attacks, migraines, other diabetic issues, etc.  A huge headache hit yesterday in the middle of a rush – one of the worst migraines in recent years.

This morning the head was still pounding and the nausea was really bad.  I called in and a co-worker offered to cover today’s hours.  Instead of working when sick (which I have done many times), there was a chance to rest and feel better.  It also made me wonder who thought up that idea of working till you drop.  Did the person who dreamed that up work for minimum wage and cover five stations, only get one break in eight hours, and answer to computer screens filling up with orders from nitpicky customers?  I should think not!

Biscuits and ChickenWhile recuperating, a few things got done around the house today including making one of Mom’s favorite comfort foods – shredded chicken over biscuits.

Some miscellaneous pieces of chicken were simmered all day in the slow cooker along with shallots, carrots and potatoes.  I deboned the meat, skimmed the broth, mixed in a little chicken gravy powder, and put the shredded chicken mixture over tiny little el cheapo refrigerator biscuits – the kind that are 95 cents per tube.  Mom’s style of Midwest cooking used to cure about anything … and it still does.  (Jesse and Serena liked the food, too!)  The cats zonked out on the recliner – I got the couch.

Thankfully, tonight the migraine is gone.  The body no longer aches.  The mind is clear and the mood is back to a cheerful norm.  Tomorrow it is time to go in and do it all again… but now I know that it’s going to be necessary to find something else less intense in the future.  As I told the young kids at work, “I’m getting too old for this $&%t!”  Fast food can be fun at times but I wouldn’t recommend it for very long for an older person.  It’s a lot more intense than it was 30 years ago!

So what’s on the horizon with respect to camping?  In a few days, I plan to head north to photograph leaves and maybe bring home a few trout to cook up.  It’s still up in the air as to whether the trip will be using the car or the van but if Serena has her say so, she would opt for the van.  She’s the boss.

Take care and thanks for visiting!  Enjoy the fall season!

Brad, Serena, and Jesse James in Jones County, Iowa



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