The Grim Reaper Visits

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Last night was Halloween.  The first visitor was Shannon, one of the girls I work with at the local “golden arches”.  Dressed as the “grim reaper”, she sampled the sweets and gave a stern warning.  “Don’t eat the candy or you will DIE!!!”  Then the reaper said “Now give me a hug!”  Shannon is a hoot.  She often spontaneously hugs people at work – even my sister who was visiting one day.

I took the Grim Reaper’s advice.  After the last of the forty or so kiddos were given the cavity-inducing confections, the remaining candy was dropped off – in its entirety – at work. Halloween was a fun end to an enjoyable week.

KnotsLandingThursday was spent in Muscatine, Iowa visiting friend Johnnie.  Thanks to a terrific Amazon deal, I bought him the first two seasons of the TV show (night time soap opera) “Knot’s Landing”, a spin-off series focused on “Gary Ewing”, the brother of the infamous “J.R. Ewing” from the show “Dallas”.

Johnnie, his  roommate John, Boo-Boo kitty, and I stayed up late watching the collections of episodes.  Being a cheapskate, I’d cashed in a bucket of coins and showed the guys how to transform cheap grocery store pizzas to loaded masterpieces using a few salad bar ingredients.  We sure enjoyed each the chance to hang out and enjoy some great food.

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween.  So what’s happening next?  The birthday is a week from tomorrow so there will likely be something going on – maybe a camping trip and a new recipe to try?  It’s likely there will also be a little fishing again soon before the snow flies.  I have a little friend that likes riding along!

Take care, have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!  Don’t forget to set your clocks back tonight!

Brad,  Jesse James, and Serena in Jones County, Iowa

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